Africa Adventure Vacations is a fully registered Tours and Travel company based in Uganda, fully licensed to conduct safaris within Uganda and Rwanda. We offer several tours and safaris in Uganda including Gorilla Tours, wildlife adventures, mountaineering trips, cultural safaris, birding, chimpanzee trekking, nature walks, and honey moon holidays among others.

Our Tour packages range from all inclusive group trips for families or students, corporate retreats, and specialized or customized tours. We focus our tours on the following categories, wildlife & nature, Community & Culture, Adventure, and Relaxation. Our tour costs range from mid-range to luxury. However, we can organize budget tours upon request

With our unique and experienced safaris guides, we offer peace of mind to clients who book with us and security is our first priority on any safari. Feel free to check out our safari offers and book with us! We get our services done better than those who can do it.

Gorilla Trekking Safaris are the most popular adventures that travelers look for in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. We offer great deals on Gorilla Safaris to travelers looking to undertake a trek into the wild looking for the gentle giants. Rated 5 Star, gorilla trekking is as a remarkable life time experience that cannot be taken elsewhere in the world!

With the whole some fraternity, Africa Adventure vacations arranges tailor made trips and all preferred custom tour desires based on the clients destination field at a reasonable discount , Contact us for a long lasting memorable experience as we pride our company for taking you to your favorite parts of Africa for the best adventurous trips in the wilderness.

At Africa Adventure Vacations we value human life and would like to see all people, especially orphans and other disadvantaged people  live a dignified life free from the fear of facing life alone.

Consequently we commit 20% of the proceedings from every booking that you make to journey with us, to our Charity; Save African Children Uganda was formed in 2015 by a group of youth volunteers in Wakiso-Uganda. It is a nonprofit Community Based Organization and it is currently reaching out to over 200 vulnerable children in the community . The Organization puts issues that affect the children at the fore front right from program formulation to implementation. The overall goal is to empower and improve the livelihoods of vulnerable children of Africa especially the Orphans so that we create an everlasting impact upon their lives and their communities.