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Assurance of seeing gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo

Assurance of seeing gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo

Assurance of seeing gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo

Assurance of seeing gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo- Most tourists are wondering about their chances of seeing mountain gorillas while on gorilla tours in any of country above. But your concern is understandable according to the overall cost of gorilla trekking.  You will have higher chances of sporting the gorillas once you have decided to spend your safari in one of the wonderful safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo are very high.

These amazing primates are only found in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR. Congo. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and the Mgahinga parks are the best places that offer you the highest chances to see the endangered mountain gorillas. In fact, the gorillas can only be found in Africa in the whole World.

Not any other place where you can find the endangered mountain gorillas other than these countries that I have mentioned above. In Rwanda, mountain gorillas are spotted in Volcanoes national park, in Uganda, they can be seen in Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park whereas in the Democratic Republic of Congo is seen in Virunga national park.  half of the endangered mountain gorillas can only be found in Uganda which indicated that the chances of seeing gorillas in Uganda are high as compared to other countries.

Which of the countries Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda have the higher chances of seeing gorillas?

The possibility of seeing mountain gorillas in 4 destinations is 98%. The rules of nature are the reason why we cannot say that is 100%. But after purchase, a gorilla permit expects to see the gorillas.   The increased chances of seeing gorillas are high because of the following factors;

Gorilla Habituation.

This is the process of making gorillas familiar in the presence of humans. Gorillas are hard and they remain the wild animals because of them staying in the wildness and therefore, there must be a process that is done any the trained researchers to make the visitors so much comfortable and used to the human beings. Therefore, a good wild gorilla family is needed when preparing them for researchers or tourists. Then start studying their behavior but you have to first win their trust. The most way to win the trust of the gorilla group is to first win the trust of the silverback, this is according to the work of Dain Fossey. When the silverback is fine with the presence of the humans, other group members just follow him.  The gorilla habituation lasts for about 3 years before the gorillas are opened for tourism and this experience can only be found in Uganda. All tourists are allowed to trek the habituated family which helps to interact, taking videos and photos for one hour.

An advanced team of trackers.

Gorillas are mobile as they move from one forest to another. Previously tourists were used to failing to see any single gorilla if they go deep into the forests. But the park management realized that they need to send an advanced team of trackers before the day of trekking to find the best location for the gorillas. These forests expect to know where the gorilla families live at night. The advanced team will take you where to see the gorillas by using a GPS tracking tool or radio calls. This helps to increase your chances of seeing gorillas while at your gorilla tours.

Where the gorilla groups or families located are can also increase the chances of seeing gorillas.

Each gorilla group has its location for example some groups are staying in heavily forested or mountainous areas which may make them difficult to trek. This is the reason why every traveler is assigned to the gorilla group depending on his/her fitness. Like that one with health conditions, elders and that one are not physically fit are allocated gorilla family which staying near the starting point, so that everyone can see the gorillas. Sedan chairs and porters are also available to take those who cannot walk and get a great chance to see one of the unique primates on the earth.

What happened when the gorillas are not seen?

The chances of seeing gorillas are high even if the allocated gorilla group is deep into the forest, the park ranger is available to take you to another gorilla group as you expected in the forest.  There is a possibility of not continuing with a trip in case of a certain disaster that is not controllable by the park management. You can call it your unlucky day if this happens to you because it is rare and you should know that gorilla trekking is done throughout the year. Gorilla trekking is unstoppable and occurs even in rains and public holidays.

Remember: If the rebels are in the place of the gorillas, just know your trip will be canceled since these are a danger to your life. During the old days, the rebel groups that are allocated in the dense forests are harmful.  These have been pushed out of Rwanda and Uganda and it is now safe for you to do gorilla trekking in this place. DR Congo has also done well in chancing away these rebels by trying to deploy armed rangers in Virunga National Park.

Remember also never at any time to go to the park when you are suffering from infectious disease or airborne diseases.  In case you have flu it will be a great idea to postpone your trek since the park authorities will not allow you to the park if they detect you to be suffering from these diseases.

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