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Best Tourism activities to do in Entebbe

Best activities to do in Entebbe

Best Tourism activities to do in Entebbe

What are the best tourism activities to do in Entebbe Uganda? Entebbe town is where the main international airport of Uganda is found. Everyone who flying from anywhere to Uganda must pass through Entebbe town before reaching either the capital city Kampala or any wildlife safari national park in Uganda. This amazing town is found close to the largest freshwater body which is known as Lake Victoria. Entebbe is also among the best places in Uganda where one can go for beach holidays after gorilla trekking.  Besides beautiful views and beaches, Entebbe has many tourist attractions one can engage in. The best tourism activities one can do on his/her trip at Entebbe as briefly explained below;

Visit Mabamba wetlands

Visit Mabamba wetlands mostly bird lovers and see the unique endangered shoebill stork. The shoebill stork feed on fish, insects, and frogs so this is the reason why they prefer to stay around the wetland areas. These birds are endangered, as they feed on fish which is the best dish by the fishermen. Although shoebills are disturbed, they never migrate away from a specific swamp. They usually live alone but, in most cases, they are seen in pairs during mating time. It takes you like 45 minutes by boat from Entebbe to the wetlands. Day trips at Mabamba can be arranged into two sessions that is. either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Amazing Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary.

This sanctuary covers an area of 100 acres of forest island.  From Entebbe town to Ngamba island is about 23 kilometers by using a boat.  It was formed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to protect the rescued chimps from poachers. Spare some time on your trip, visit this amazing island and get a chance to spend more time with these unique chimps, and also engage in daily activities with the help of researchers and caretakers like feeding the chimps.

Anglers visit Entebbe for sport fishing on Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is the first place where Nile peach was introduced by the British colonial master. Anglers this is the best place for sport fishing, the most common catches are Nile perch and tilapia. On your vacation in Uganda, try as much as possible to do fishing and enjoy an unforgettable experience in your lifetime.

Boat cruise on Lake Victoria.

Like sunrise, sunset, bird watch cruise, boat cruise can be arranged with either traditional motorized canoe or speed boat. Tourists who are interested to do this activity on Lake Victoria to book earlier because boats are not around all the time.

Visit Uganda wildlife education center.

This is was constructed during colonial times to protect the rescued wildlife and in the past, it was called the UWEC zoo, later turned into an educational site. You can visit this center and see most of the Ugandan wildlife species including the chimpanzee.

Tour the botanical gardens.

Visit the 40 hectares of the heaven of Entebbe with a professional local guide, you can hire one because they are always available every day. You will see different things like monkeys, a lot of bird species, tree species which have like 1000 years old, beautiful views of Lake Victoria and others.

Visiting fishing village.

On your vacations or holiday, spare time and visit one of the fishing villages in Entebbe and learn more about the lifestyle of the people living here like their background, traditional performances and others, fishing villages along Entebbe are used populated with a temporary building.

Entebbe is also good for Craft and souvenir shopping.

Entebbe is gate away to and from Uganda for most travelers so a lot of craft shops have been set up, when you coming to visit Entebbe town try as much as and keep some money to buying beautiful carvings, African fabric, nice traditional drum, authentic cow products, incident pigmy art and take them back to your country for memorable in your entire lifetime.

Boda Boda tours.

It is among the popular activities and fun, this is done through riding behind a motorcycle with the rider, a motorcycle is the most used means of transport in the capital city Kampala. The rider can take you to shopping centers, and others if you are interested.

When to visit Entebbe for best tourism activities in Uganda

The best months to do activities around Entebbe are October and March but it can be visited all throughout the year at any time. The most popular ways to reach islands on Lake Victoria are a spend boat with double engines and the boats with a professional local guide who helps while touring different islands.

Mode of payment for best Tourism activities to do in Entebbe

Cash money is the most used way of payment at Entebbe since activities are not expensive and the use of credit cards can cure sure charges of up to 4.5%, for more information about the best activities to do on Entebbe Uganda, contact Africa Adventure Vacations.

In conclusion, Entebbe town is the place near Lake Victoria so spare time before returning back to your homeland, you can visit another amazing area around Entebbe like the Entebbe Botanical Garden and relax at the beautiful beaches around the Lake or visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre and get a great chance to see a variety of animals like chimpanzees, Rhinos, elephants, lions plus a lot of bird species.

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