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Can I trek mountain gorillas and do safari trips in Rwanda from Spain?

Can I trek mountain gorillas and do safari trips in Rwanda from Spain?

Can I trek mountain gorillas and do safari trips in Rwanda from Spain?

Can I trek mountain gorillas and do safari trips in Rwanda from Spain? So many people have been asking if it’s possible to trek mountain gorillas and do safari trips from Spain well the answer is yes. This is because technology has been developed and people can do book safaris anywhere from where ever they are using their smartphones or computers. In this article, we shall show you how to do book a gorilla safari from Spain to Rwanda using your smartphone or computer. We shall also show you what best activities or attractions you can do while on a Rwanda safari apart from gorilla trekking. We shall guide you on how to book your gorilla permit, transport, and accommodation facilities.

Booking gorilla trekking and safari tours in Rwanda from Spain

There are several ways on how you can book a gorilla trekking and safari trip in Rwanda from Spain. You can decide to do it yourself by looking for local service providers in Rwanda, you can contact a tour operator from Spain to help you on the safari, and you can hire a local tour operator in Rwanda to do all the services.

Getting in touch with local tourism operator

Many of the tour operators in East Africa do help tourists in organizing Rwanda mountain gorilla trekking and safari trips from Spain. Using a tour operator in East Africa while you are in Spain helps you to save time, and also money. By using a local tour operator, they will ask you for the dates you will want to travel and then check for availability of gorilla trekking permits with the Rwanda Development Board and then get back to you. they will send you their bank details for you to send your money so as the book for you a permit and once, they have received their money they will secure you a gorilla trekking permit and send you a scanned copy for confirmation and records.

A lot of tour operators are online but choosing the right one is also a hustle. You need to be careful when choosing these local tour operators. you can do this by searching about them on the internet, check their reviews on choose or you can ask your friends who have traveled before to tell you the best tour operators to use. The other way to check if the tour operator is good is by checking if they are under tour associations or if they are licensed by government bodies in charge of tourism.

Booking by yourself

Still, at your workplace or right in your living room, you can book yourself a gorilla trekking safari or any activity in Rwanda using your smartphone or a laptop. You can book your gorilla trekking permit from Rwanda Development Board, contact lodges, and also people who do car hires for your transportation. Some so many people do the above services and do have online websites. Most of the people who do themselves bookings want to avoid middlemen and any charges from tour operators. some of the disadvantages of booking yourself a gorilla trekking safari or any other trip in Rwanda is that the service providers delay to respond and you could use a person you have never seen and they steal your money.

Hiring a tour operator in Spain

The world has surely grown so fast, there are so many tour operators around Spain that organize trips for the nationals to Rwanda. When you contact them, they will help you with all the information you need to do a safari in Rwanda. They will further help you on booming a gorilla trekking permit, transport, accommodation, and other services or activities you would need. Many of the tour operators work hand in hand with most of the international tour operators who get the clients who want to visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking and other safari activities.

Things to consider while booking gorilla trekking and safari trips in Rwanda from Spain

Places to do mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda?

There is only one place where mountain gorilla trekking does take place in Rwanda and this is volcanoes national park which is located in the northwestern part of the country. Volcanoes national park is home to 10 habituated gorilla families that are fully habituated and open for trekking at any time of the year. Trekking mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park is done by people ages 15 years and above and each of the trekkers must have a valid gorilla trekking permit that is bought from Rwanda Development Board or any trusted tour operator. Trekking mountain gorillas takes 2-7 hours in volcanoes national park but after locating mountain gorillas you are given a maximum of 1 hour to be around them.

Things to do and see in Rwanda

Rwanda has several hills, mountains, and national parks one can visit while on a safari in Rwanda. Each of the 4 national parks in Rwanda has its tourist attractions for instance there is gorilla trekking, hiking, and golden monkey trekking in volcanoes national park, canopy walk, and chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, game viewing safaris, and boat cruise in Akagera national park, chimpanzee trekking in Gishwati Makura national park and birding in all these parks. There are also cultural visits in Rwanda where you get to visit different cultures, learn about their way of lives and enjoy the traditional dances.

What is the price of a gorilla permit in Rwanda?

A gorilla permit is the first requirement that tourists should have before taking in any activity concerning gorilla trekking. The gorilla permit for Rwanda can be bought directly from the Rwanda Development Board or a trusted tour operator at a fee of $1500. The permit allows you to be around a habituated mountain gorilla family for 1 hour while observing their habits and taking photos. A gorilla trekking permit for Rwanda includes ranger guide fees, trackers fees, park entrance fees, and community development contributions. We advise you to book your gorilla trekking permit in advance of 3-4 months to avoid inconvenience.

What are the best time to do a Rwanda gorilla trekking and safari trip?

Rwanda can be visited at any time of the year but the best time to visit the country for a gorilla trekking safari and other trips is the drier season of June to September and December to February when there is little or less rainfall in the country, the vegetation in the parks thin for a clear view of the park animals, the trekking trails and trucks less muddy and slippery and when the roads leading to the parks are passable.

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