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Congo wildlife and primate safaris

Congo wildlife and primate safaris

Congo wildlife and primate safaris

Are you looking for Congo wildlife and primate safaris? The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the best and stunning destinations for visitors who wish to have memorable experiences as well as those who wish to blend well with nature and the attractions that are contained within the environment. While going to the Congo wildlife and the primate safaris, visitors will have a lot of activities to see and several attractions, however, there are a lot of the attractions that you can see but believe me you will see few attractions because you cannot see all the activities and you finish them all the time at all. For all period the democratic republic of Congo has been having a security threat to the tourism industry but some of the tourist attractions are safe for the visitors are free to visit and as Africa adventure vacations we operate and organize the Congo safaris to such areas where it is deemed safe for our visitors to do travel. Remember that Congo has got the highest concentration of primates in the whole region if not in the whole of Africa because of the high forest cover that the country does have.

Why you should book our Congo wildlife and primate safaris

Yes, Congo is one of the countries that provide the endangered mountain gorilla experience in the whole world.  However, this doesn’t suggest that you visit the country only for the endangered mountain gorillas. Indeed there are a lot of activities and attractions to offer when visiting the democratic republic of Congo. Among attractions, you will hike the recently erupted Nyiragongo Mountain and these will provide you with the best experience in the whole country. Hiking this active volcano is so much interesting and offers you an unforgettable experience. You will have to hike the volcano, spend a night in the areas and later return to the starting point offering you an unforgettable experience. Apart from this, you will explore Tchegers Island which is also a stunning experience for you to stay on this lonely island. For the visitors who are interested in the endangered mountain gorillas, the Democratic Republic of Congo has got three species of gorillas and these include the lowland gorillas, endangered mountain gorillas, and the endemic eastern lowland gorillas. Therefore, it is the only country where you will be able to track and see all the endangered mountain gorillas and this is so much wonderful and stunning.

Is it safe to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo for primate safaris?

The Democratic Republic of Congo is relaying safe for you to visit however there are some of the areas that are not very safe. Please be advised that you shouldn’t visit a place where your safety is not guaranteed. Some of the places in the Democratic Republic of Congo are in the red zone and are out of bounds for the visitors because such places are occupied by militias (rebels). We provide our visitors with advisory information about the security concerns and take you to the areas of safety. So please choose is to be your best tour operate because we know the best the areas and the very safe places. Most of the safe places include the Virunga National Park that is heavily protected and guarded, it is very safe and this open for tourism development thus please you will be able safe which is so much interesting, and thus come and enjoy with us in Africa Adventure Vacations.

The gorilla trekking safaris in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the perfect destination for gorillas trekking because the country has got there species of gorillas than any other country and the visitors will be able to see all these gorillas once they visit the democratic republic of Congo.  Yes, it has also been proven that conga is the cheapest destination offering the gorilla trekking experience and it Congo a gorilla permit goes for $400 per person and this amount of money is far less the Uganda permit which costs $700 and the Rwanda gorillas permit that go up to $1500. The gorillas’ experience of the democratic republic of Congo rarely tampers with because most of the people have not visited the destination despite the lower price of the gorilla permits compared to other countries. Remember that the most popular destination for the gorilla trekking Democratic Republic of Congo is the Virunga National Park.

Best time to go for Congo wildlife and primate safaris?

Congo is one of the countries where visitors are free to go anytime and explore the treasures of this big-sized country. However, most of the clients we have taken to Congo for our wildlife safaris have testified that the dry season is the best season where you can go and have your wildlife safaris.  The climate and the weather are key when determining the visiting the safari destination. Therefore, the dry season starts from December and January and then the long dry season which commences in June to September, and therefore visiting the dry season is highly recommended. Visiting during the rainy season is not all that good to visit the Congo because this may hinder your experience however not all the day rains it can rain in the morning and then sunshine rest for the day or even in the dry season and sometimes you might see the day without the rainfall even when it is even during the rainy season.

When should you travel with Africa Adventure Vacations?

Africa Adventure Vacations is the best tour and travel company that operates across east African country taking safaris to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Tanzania, southern Sudan, Zanzibar, Madagascar among other several countries.  We have operated several adventure holiday memorable experience packages and we do this by getting in touch with the local guide in the Democratic Republic of Congo to make sure that our visitors get a memorable experience. We do a lot of things for our visitors even by providing them with the visa and without less hustle and with the shortest time possible. We take the visitors to the safest places including the Virunga National Park and then the Kahuzi Biega National Park and later you will later you also be able to go for the Nyiragongo hiking skills. The Congo basis is the best destination where you can have the highest concentration of the wildlife that include the bird species,  the butterflies, amphibians,  the fish in Africa,  several primates mammals among others. You can travel with Africa Adventure Vacations any time you feel like exploring Africa’s wildness and what you need to do is just to contact us any time of your convenience and you get our reply instantly.  We arrange the tailor-made safaris which among others include the Big 5 animals of Africa, the African beach tourism, exciting and amazing fly in gorillas trekking in Bwindi, Senkwekwe Orphanage Centre, hiking and climbing, filming safaris, cultural safaris, birding trips among several countries. We have bundles of experience in tourism with competent staff that are ready to serve you with a memorable African experience. Just contact us and get served

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