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Volcanoes National Park is traced in the northwestern region of Rwanda; the country to be known for its rolling hills. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in Rwanda but in the whole world. This park was reopened in 1999 but from there it has been receiving a larger number of tourists every day. It is among the national parks where the few remaining mountain gorillas

Virunga national park is one of the famous destinations in Africa for gorilla trekking which has sold the country’s tourism industry in the whole world. Virunga national park is also the home of two active mountains. The park has been threatened by political conflicts in DR. Congo but it is still among the best destinations in Africa whereby recently it was reopened. Virunga national park was gazetted in 1925 by

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park In Uganda is one of the primate national parks in Uganda that is famous because of its endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkey great primate species. On the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo of the west by Virunga national park and Rwanda to the south of volcanoes national park and Congo which covering 33.7km2. Mgahinga national park is the smallest park in Uganda with

Kahuzi Biega national park is found in the eastern region of DR. Congo, it is the second national park to attract the most visitors in the country after Virunga national park. Kahuzi Biega park is also among the few destinations where one can go for eastern lowland gorilla trekking. There are over 3,800 eastern lowland gorillas in the world and the larger number are found in Kahuzi-Biega national park in

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is among the tropical rain forests in Uganda with an annual temperature range of a maximum of 20-27oc to a minimum of 7-15oc. This park has annual rainfall ranges from 1,400-1,900 millimeters. Its heavy rains climax is around March-April and September-November. Bwindi Impenetrable forest national is well known as the best national park in the world for gorilla trekking because it has more than half of