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Double Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda

Double Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda

Double Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda

To book double chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, we simply mean a person spending 1 hour with the primates twice on the same safari and tour. Uganda is one of the countries harboring chimpanzees in more than four places spread across different parts of the country. Chimpanzees in Uganda are famously known in Kibale Forest National Park, which has more than half of the population left in the world and the other 12 primates.

Other places to go chimp trekking in Uganda include Budongo forest reserve, which is located next to Murchison Falls National Park, Kyambura gorge, also known as the Valley of the Apes, Kalinzu forest in Bushenyi, Toro Semuliki reserve, and Ngamba island sanctuary. Double trekking of the chimpanzees can be done at any time of the year as long as you have a permit printed out by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. All the places can be accessed in a single day.

What does it mean to trek with chimpanzees more than once?

When we speak about the double trekking of chimpanzees in Uganda, we simply mean trekking these primates more than once. You could trek them in the morning and again go for the afternoon section, or you can trek today, rest, and then go back the following day, or even you can trek today in a certain national park, let’s say Kibale, and then the other trek you do in Budongo Forest national park or Kyambura.

Trekking the chimpanzees twice does help travelers spend more time with the chimpanzees. It doesn’t matter if they double trek with the same family or different families, but it does help them to get to know more about their behaviors. Chimpanzees are the closest relatives to human beings, sharing over 98% of human DNA.

What is required to double trek chimpanzees in Uganda?


As long as you have the time, the only thing needed to trek chimps twice in Uganda is a permit, you will have to book or inform your local tour operator and they will acquire for you two chimpanzee trekking permits for a place or places of your choice. According to the Uganda Wildlife Authority, you must obtain two trekking permits because each trekking permit can only be used once.

Places where you can double trek chimpanzees in Uganda?

There are several national parks where chimpanzee trekking is done in Uganda and some of them include Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth, Kibale forest national park, Budongo forest reserve, Kalinzu forest, and Toro Semuliki reserve, to mention but a few. In most of the mentioned places, chimpanzee trekking is done twice a day, which means you can even trek in the same park to learn more about these apes.


With the above places, we can encourage a tourist who wants to trek in different parks to trek in Kibale Forest National Park because it has more than half of the chimpanzee population in the world and the other 12 primates that you are likely to see during the trek. We also encourage tourists after Kibale to go to Budongo forest reserve near Murchison Falls national park. Trekking chimpanzees twice saves time and helps you learn more about chimpanzee habits.

How to book double trekking permits for chimpanzees in Uganda?

Africa Adventure Vacations Limited is one of the local tour operators licensed to carry out tourism activities in Uganda. Once you have decided to visit Uganda and double trek chimpanzees, you can send us an email containing the dates you would want to have your safari and we shall use these dates to check for trekking permits with the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Once we have found permits available, we shall ask you if you want to trek in the same park or different parks. We shall ask you to send money for the permits, and after receiving it, we shall go-ahead and book the permits for you. After securing the permits, we will have to send you scanned copies for your reports. Tourists can still book the permits and double trek chimpanzees for themselves by emailing the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

How much are the chimpanzee permits in Uganda?

There are so many places in Uganda where chimpanzee trekking is done, and the permit prices for these places do differ. The permits for Kibale Forest national park are the most expensive ones, going for $200 for foreign non-residents, $150 for foreign residents, and for East African citizens, UGX150,000. Permits to see chimps in Kyambura Gorge cost $50 for both foreign non-residents and foreign residents, while East African citizens pay UGX30,000. Permits to see chimps in Budongo Forest Reserve cost $100 for foreign non-residents and $90 for foreign residents, while East African citizens pay SS100,000.In Toro Semuliki wild reserve, they are $30 for both foreign nonresidents and foreign residents, while for East African residents it’s UGX 20,000. All the above fees do include guide fees but exclude entrance fees except for Kibale Forest National Park.

Where to stay on a double Chimpanzee trekking safari in Uganda

Each place with chimpanzees has accommodation facilities built in and around the park. The accommodations do range from budget to mid-range to luxury options, and these are as follows.

Kibale forest national park-Kibale forest camp, Primate lodge, Crater Safari Lodge, Kibale Forest Lodge, Ndali Kasenda Crater Lodge, Turaco Treetops Lodge, Isunga Lodge, Papaya Lake Lodge, Rwenzori Guest House, Chimpanzee Forest Guest House, Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge, Chimpundu Lodge, Chimp Nest Lodge, Mountains of the Moon Hotel, Lodge Bella Vista, Kibale Forest Camp, and Kyaninga Crater Lodge, among others.

Budongo forest national park: Paraa Safari Lodge, Budongo eco-lodge, Saltek forest cottages, Bakers Lodge, Kabalega resort hotel, Murchison Backpackers Hostel, Masindi hotel, New Court View Hotel, and Naju Homestay, among others.

At Kyambura Gorge, Katara Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park View Tourist Lodge, Elephant Hab Lodge, Kyambura Gorge Lodge, Enganzi Game Lodge, Elephant Plains Lodge, Jacana Safari Lodge, Pumba Safari Cottages, and Mweya Safari Lodge, among others.

What is the best time to book double  Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda

Double Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda can be done at any time of the year, although some months are better than others. The drier months are the best for chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, and these occur from December to February and June to September. They are characterized by little or no rainfall; the vegetation in the park is thin, giving clear views of the park animals; the trekking trails are less muddy and slippery; and the roads leading to the park are passable.


Tourists can also visit Uganda and double trek with chimpanzees in the rainy seasons of March to May and October to November. During this season, there is plenty of rainfall, the trekking trails are muddy and slippery, the vegetation is thick with unclear views of park animals, and the roads leading to the park are impassable. During the rainy season, tourists can get huge discounts on accommodation facilities.