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Entebbe international Airport

Entebbe international Airport

Entebbe international Airport

Entebbe International Airport is known as the main entry point by most people when coming to Uganda.  Uganda is among the best tourist destinations not only in East Africa but also in Africa. It is blessed with a lot of attraction that attracts many travelers to visit the country, as it is surrounded by different national parks which have different activities one can engage in which includes chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey tracking, gorilla trekking, walking safaris, wildlife viewing. It offers beautiful views of the landscape, source of the Nile where one can go for baggie jumping, boat cruise, and so on. Uganda’s location and favorable climate are attracting many tourists to the country hence improving the tourism sector. Entebbe Airport is the main gate for those leaving or coming and to the capital city Kampala of Uganda. A visit to Africa without visiting Uganda is incomplete because it offers memorable experiences you will never find elsewhere in the world.

The largest water body in Africa is known as Lake Victoria is found near Entebbe international airport. It takes like 10 minutes from Entebbe international airport to Entebbe and 45 minutes from the capital city Kampala.  There are two stations that organize international and domestic flights. The international airlines operating at Entebbe airport are Air Tanzania, Air Kenya, fly Dubai, Brussels airlines, South Africa, and many more. Direct scheduled flights in East Africa plus some other regions are also arranged and these are some of them Mombasa, Juba, Nairobi, Mogadishu, Dar Es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, and so on.

The Entebbe airport is under the construction, it is going to be expanded in three phases so that to accommodate people received at the airport. These areas are the expansion of the new passenger’s terminal building from 410-930 arriving passengers and 320 departures-820 departing passengers, Uganda receives this mostly during the high season. Also, the expansion of the existing cargo and strengthening of the existing runways.

What is needed at Entebbe International Airport?

Everyone who is planning to cross for another country, there important documents required to enter that country you are traveling to. For instance, for those who are planning to visit Uganda, on your arrival at Entebbe airport or departing, you will be required to present the following documents so make sure that you move them, and these include.

PCR negative results, due to the Coronavirus pandemic in the world. New measures have been set out so that avoid the spreading of this disease whereby on the day of arrival at Entebbe airport, everyone must present his/her PCR negative results within 72 hours and you will also have asked to do another test on your arrival to the airport.

Passport, this is one of the necessary documents everyone who planning to travel to another country must have and you must have a valid passport which will take at least 6 months.

Uganda Visa

Currently, anyone who plans to come to Uganda can secure his/her visa online or on arrival day at Entebbe airport, this document allows to enter the country. But you are advised to secure your visa online because purchasing it through the immigration office at the airport, requires you more time due to many passengers and this may cause delays.

Reasons for traveling in Uganda.

You will be required to present your purpose of visiting Uganda, if, for tourism purposes, you will be asked to show an itinerary from the tour operator company you will be going for your safari with, or business issues still you have to present.

Yellow fever card.

Every traveler must have this card to confirm whether your health is in good condition, it is purchased before the traveling dates, you will not be allowed to enter the country unless you are vaccinated.

Proof of funds,

People who come or leave the country must show proof of funds to ensure that they have enough to use where they go like here in Uganda you may be asked to show a credit card to prove that you have enough money to use.

Return ticket

You also need to have a return ticket which shows the time you want to spend in the country for example if you are to spend a short time or to stay permanently and you must have an explanation why you should stay permanently.

On your arrival day at Entebbe airport, after moving out of the aircraft, you have to first go to the arrival station and present your yellow fever card, then from there to the immigration offices to show your valid passport and visa and they will be stamped, when all are done you pick your luggage from the convoy belt and go through the security machine then pass out the building where you find your tour driver guide who will take to start your tour as well as stay in Uganda.

Services are provided to the passengers at Entebbe international airport.

Airline lounge

This is a place where tourists seat with their departure flights, services provided here are flat screen, internet, drinks but it is private facility so services offered are charged.

Passengers with special needs

people with special needs such as disabled, elderly and others there are special services for you like a wheel, lifts, ramps, special walkways and so on.

Baby changing facility

At Karibuni lounge, there are various washrooms for tourists or passengers.

Meeting area.

it is positioned outside the airport; this is where the passenger’s meet drivers of tour guides that will take you to where you are going or to their respective destinations they have come to visit. others services provided here are telephone, customer care desk, postal services, restaurants, and others.

Internal Airlines at Entebbe international airport.

There are two flights operators who are expert in arranging domestic flights to several national parks and tourist destinations within Uganda and these includes,

Aero link Uganda Airline.

This is among the most commonly used domestic flights in Uganda, from Entebbe to either kihihi or Kisoro for tourists visiting Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga Gorilla national park for visiting the endangered mountain gorillas or any other issues, to kisoro airstrip, Mweya airstrip, and Ishasha airstrip for those visiting Queen Elizabeth national park and pakuba airstrip, Lamoj airstrip for those traveling to Murchison falls popularly for wildlife safaris. You may also visit Semuliki national park or Kidepo valley national park.

Eagle Air Airline.

This is arranged regional scheduled and private chartered flights. it provides reliable and quick flights from Entebbe airport to several tourist national parks.