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Hike Dian Fossey Tomb

Hike Dian Fossey Tomb

Hike Dian Fossey Tomb

Are you interested to hike Dian Fossey Tomb in Volcanoes national park Rwanda? Dian Fossey was born in the year 1932. She was an American primatologist and is remembered for her gorilla conservation role in the volcanoes National Park found in Rwanda. Fossey and other students like Mary Galdikas and Jane Goodall were students of the great Dr. Leakey Richard who is famous as a paleoanthropologist. Dr Leakey used to send researchers to the wild of Africa. Fossey focused on the study of the gorillas while Jane Goodall focused mainly on the chimpanzees found in Tanzania and Mary focused on the study of Orangutans.

Fossey got the inspiration from the travelers coming from Africa and in the year 1966, she decided to go and tour the whole parts of the continent. She was amused by the fascinating nature and the amazing wildlife she met. The trekking of Dian Fossey tomb, was after Fossey decided to study the history of mankind and mainly evolution. Dr Leakey Richard is one who encouraged the study of mountain gorillas. When she came to Africa for the second time, she settled in Virunga National Park which is located in Congo before she further went to the Volcanoes National Park. Dian Fossey was the one who decided to set up the Karisoke Research center which is in between Mount Bisoke and Karismbi.

As she continued to further her research work, the thing that started as research later turned to be love for mountain gorillas plus the wellbeing of the gorillas. She decided to further the study of their biological composition plus their social behavior. Dian Fossey would try much to come closer to a particular gorilla group and she even tried to speak to them in their language. In the end, the mountain gorillas started trusting her and they could no longer fear her presence. A gorilla known as Digit got a strong bond with Dian Fossey. Later Dian has killed something that saddened Fossey. This made to start thinking about the elimination of poaching and gorilla conservation alongside her research.

Dian Fossey was strongly against poaching the tourism of gorillas. She said that the two activities were a threat to the existence of the mountain gorillas since they would grow well when left alone. In 1920, the Volcanoes National Park was formed. Later hunting and poaching were made illegal in the place. But the law was not fully working and this never stopped poachers to continue their poaching activities and sometimes they could sale them as pets. When Dian Fossey arrived back at the park, she found poaching was at a high rate and the population of mountain gorillas was going low.

This made Fossey decide to put all his resources and energy into fighting against poaching and the trafficking of animals in the area.  She could spend most of her team spying on the poachers. She could make sure she reports the poachers to the authorities or she would fight them physically. When she realized that fighting and reporting did not work out well, she set in place the Digit fund and this was used to finance the patrols and also eliminate the snare that was put in the park by the poachers. She enlightened the world about mountain gorillas and even show how poaching threatens the existence of gorillas.  The presentations, writings of Fossey attracted worldwide attention thus enabling the rise of more resources to use in the fight against poaching.

Though she worked hard to protect the mountain gorillas, she created many enemies especially those who benefited from the pet trade and poachers. Fossey was found murdered in 1985 an end to her 20-year old conservation work. The attackers are never been arrested or known.

Dian Fossey is dead but her work and legacy are still intact. There are various conservation bodies were formed such as the Dian Fossey Fund International which helps in supporting gorilla conservation, staff of the Volcanoes national park as well the local people nearby parks. She introduced gorilla tourism which is one of the best ways to protect these primates up to now. Because the money collected from gorilla trekking is used in conservation and the governments and local communities see the value of keeping gorillas safe.

Dian Fossey Tomb

On your gorilla safari to Volcanoes national park, do not miss out to hike Dian Fossey Tomb as well as her former Karisoke Research Center. You can hike the Dian Fossey grave after or before gorilla trekking. The Dian Fossey tomb hike offers you views of the Virunga ranges of mountains which stretches to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Volcanoes national park. Dian Fossey was the first tourist to learn and explore more about the mountain gorillas. Gorillas are naturally wild and they are not familiar in the presence of a human. Dian Fossey discovered one of the best ways to habituate mountain gorillas, which is to first win the trust of the dominant silverback.

When hiking the Dian Fossey tomb, you will get to known about gorilla conservation and what Dian did. With a help of a ranger, you will go through the life of this researcher, where you will get to know how Dian Fossy fights against the poachers. She decided to left a comfortable life and live in the forest and mountainous areas of Rwanda because of the mountain gorillas. There is a saying that without her early work of conservation, mountain gorillas would probably be extinct today. Visiting Dian’s grave and her story is very inspiring.  Currently, her former Karisoke Researcher Center is dilapidated but it can be seen.  While hiking the tomb, tourists also have a chance to see some of the park creatures which includes giant forest hogs, elephants, antelopes, buffaloes, golden monkeys,  and birds. On your day of luck, you can see mountain gorillas though you’re not allowed to take photographs.

A hike to Dian Fossey Tomb starts very early in the morning. All visitors gather at the park offices for a short briefing about the activity. Then after the briefing, your assigned park ranges will take you to the foot of Mount Bisoke which is the starting point. Porters are also available at the starting point for those with heavy luggage because hiking covers long distances so you may fail to complete the hike with luggage.  The cost for a porter is 15USD. Also, remember to carry a walking stick but this one is provided at the park office, it helps navigate through the steep slopes.

You will also visit the former Kariske Research Center which is found near the grave of Dian Fossey. She was buried closer to her favorite gorilla digit. The park ranger will explain everything about the site and its background. You will find the popular ranger which is known as Francois to accompany you. This ranger worked with Dian Fossey but now helping the tourists to lea and explore more about the Volcanoes national park. After there, your ranger will take you back to the starting point.

Hiking the Dian Fossey tomb is somehow difficult since it covers a long distance from the starting point and it takes you through mountainous areas. Sometimes it can get muddy which makes hiking difficult mostly for first time hikers.

Hiking the Dian Fossey tomb can be booked on the day of hiking. But tourists are advised to book at least 3 months before the traveling dates most especially those who wish to visit the grave during the peak season which starts from June, July, August, September, December, and January.

Things to consider if planning to Hike Dian Fossey Tomb

Permit for hiking Dian Fossey tombs costs US$75. It can be purchased at Volcanoes national park offices, from the tourism board (Rwanda Development Board) or you can send an inquiry at their official website. It is also possible to do your bookings with Africa Adventure Vacations.

You may need accommodation in or outside the park before or after since the hike may take half of the day. You will find a lot of safari lodges and hotels ranging from luxury, mid-range, and budget facilities so you can book by yourself online or with Africa Adventure Vacation.

You will also need ground transport which will take you from the capital Kigali to Volcanoes national park which takes about 3 hours or you can use Africa Adventure Vacations to drive you up to the park.

While visiting the tomb of Dian Fossey, you need to move with your passport and permit because during the briefing period. You will be required to present your travel documents or else you might not participate in this activity.

Hiking Boots are also important while hiking the tomb of the Dain Fossey, as you hike through a steep and inclined landscape. They must also be waterproof to deal with the slippery and muddy.

The right clothes to wear while hiking are very important. You hike through the big forests. Therefore, it is helpful for you to put on clothes that cover your body well to avoid tropical insects that may affect your body.

You also need to carry energy drinks and Snacks because hiking to the Dian Fossey grave can be long and tiresome. While hiking the mountains you may get thirsty or hungry. This is why, you need Snacks, water, and energy drinks that will make you feel comfortable.

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