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How many gorilla permits are available in Rwanda each day

How many gorilla permits are available in Rwanda each day

How many gorilla permits are available in Rwanda each day

How many gorilla permits are available in Rwanda each day? Everyday Rwanda leading gorilla tracking destination not only in Africa but the entire world and one of the most asked questions are how many gorilla permits available for visiting mountain gorillas in their natural habitats each day. Rwanda has experienced genocide in 1994 but it has now known as the most developed and cleanest city on the continent of Africa, also a good ideal for those who want to trek mountain gorillas in the wild. Apart from gorilla trekking, Rwanda is blessed with a lot of tourist attractions such as wildlife viewing in Akagera national park, Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe forest national park, a lot of amazing cultures plus water bodies like Lake Kivu, and many more. Book with Africa Adventure Vacation and help you to organize for you the overall gorilla trekking in Rwanda where you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

How many gorilla permits are available in Rwanda each day.

As in other mountain gorilla destinations, every habituated gorilla family is visited by a maximum of 8 people every day with an hour of interaction so that to provide enough space for gorillas to feed and also continue with their daily activities. in Rwanda, there are 20 gorilla families in Volcanoes national park whereby 10 among these are used for gorilla trekking while the remaining are for research. Therefore, if you are looking for the number of gorilla permits available in Rwanda every day, there are 80 gorilla permits that can be bought daily by tourists who want to trek mountain gorillas of Volcanoes national park Rwanda. This means every day 8 people are allowed to visit each habituated gorilla family.

Things includes on the Rwanda gorilla permit is one-hour interaction with endangered mountain gorillas, park rangers fee, park entry fees on the trekking day while tracking Volcanoes National Park.  Rwanda development board is a government organization that is responsible for all national parks and is also the one to set the costs for gorilla permits. while those excludes on the gorilla permits are accommodation, transport to and from Volcanoes national park, personal expenses like alcohol, cigarette, and others.

The costs for gorilla permit in Volcanoes national park.

a single gorilla permit in Volcanoes national park is sold at 1500USD for every tourist for one-hour interaction. There are two tracking seasons in Rwanda that are high and low meaning that some sessions gorilla permits are not in high demand. in Rwanda, the high season begins from June- August and December-February are when most of the tourists visit the mountain gorillas of Volcanoes national park while other months are when Rwanda receives few tourists. so, those are interested in trekking during the high season are advised to book their gorilla permits in advance like three months before the traveling dates. Africa Adventure Vacations is always available to help to book and secure your gorilla permit as long as you confirm your gorilla trekking safari with us.

How gorilla permit helping the people of Rwanda?

Gorilla tourism is one of the highest sources of income in Rwanda, the money collected in selling gorilla permits is used in the developing country through constructing roads are leading to Volcanoes national park as well as other tourist national parks and destinations in Rwanda. the money is also used in maintaining mountain gorilla conservation efforts, community development, and so on. still, this money is the one Rwanda development board used to run promotional campaigns for example” visit Rwanda “advert with Arsenal football club and others.

if you are coming for gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park, contact Africa Adventure Vacation and help you to book your gorilla permit earlier. for us what we want is your confirmed date, month, and year this enables us to check and the gorilla permits are available at Rwanda development board offices on that particular date. once you’re done with your payments, we will purchase and keep your gorilla permit until on the arrival day at Kigali international airport or Volcanoes national park and make your dream real.

What to expect on the day of gorilla trekking?

As in gorilla trekking in Uganda, here also gorilla trekking begins very early in the morning at 7:30 with a short briefing at the park offices with ranger guides which is about the instruction followed while tracking, what you expect, and the background of the forest. Then after there, you will be allocated to the gorilla family you going to trek and park rangers who will lead you into the forest searching for your assigned gorilla family. Once you meet a gorilla family, you are allowed to interact with them, take photos, learning their behaviors but on the instruction of your ranger. After one hour of interaction, your ranger will take you back to the park offices for thanking you for engaging in gorilla trekking.

You can contact, send an email, or WhatsApp message for more details about Rwanda gorilla permits. we will give you all information that will guide you on how to plan the Rwanda gorilla safari with ease. our websites have a lot of safari packages that fit your budget. Africa Adventure Vacations is one of the best tour operators found in Uganda but provides Rwanda and Uganda gorilla trekking safaris. therefore, book with Africa Adventure Vacations and enjoy one of the best experiences in Africa without regret.