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Mountain Gorilla Orphanage found in Virunga national park

Mountain Gorilla Orphanage found in Virunga national park

Mountain Gorilla Orphanage found in Virunga national park

What name is given to the mountain gorilla orphanage found in Virunga national park DR Congo? Although the number of mountain gorilla increasing, these primates are still threatened and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) have listed them among the endangered animals.  About 1000 individuals are still in forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda. The three governments with the support of Wildlife conservationists have created various projects to keep mountain gorillas safe for other future generations. The greatest threat to mountain gorillas is humans with their activities.  A high number of mountain gorillas in the DR. Congo have been exterminated in the civil wars. While the populations increase within people communities staying near the homes of gorillas, this has resulted in the extinction of forests for firewood and open-up farms. This is the reason why national parks were established and chased away communities like the Batwa pygmies. Diseases are also among the threat to mountain gorillas like Ebola could spread within the gorilla families.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, mountain gorillas still face the old threat of civil wars, loss of homes, and poaching because of weaker government policies. In 2007, the Rugendo gorilla family which is headed by Senkwekwe was attacked by the rebels hiding in the Virunga national parks.  Ndakasi and Ndeze also lost their lives and were brought to the Centre. They constructed a new temporary home for them near the Mikeno lodge with enough space and a good environment. Then in 2010, this area was turned into the Senkwekwe Centre. The wildlife conservation agencies and individual donors started supporting the Centre and over 210,000USD were contributed for the gorillas.

Are you looking for the mountain Gorilla Orphanage found in Virunga national park? Yes its is called Senkwekwe Centre is the only mountain gorilla sanctuary not only in Africa but the whole world. It has grown in the size due to the high number of orphans were introduced within the Centre. The orphanage is found in a good environment that favors the growth of gorillas. With its fruits and vegetation where the gorillas feed on.  In most cases, their diet is supplemented with fruits, vegetables, milk, and porridge. The Virunga national park and Senkwekwe Centre are under the Virunga Foundation. There is also orphaned eastern lowland gorillas from Kahuzi-Biega national park at the Centre

The first two orphaned gorillas in the sanctuary are Ndakasi and Ndeze and now, there are six orphaned gorillas at Senkwekwe. All the orphaned gorillas at Senkwekwe Centre were got from Kahuzi-Biega national park and Virunga national park. Because of the rebel, pet traders, and losing their parents to poachers. These orphaned gorillas were brought to the Centre for rehabilitation and treatment with grave injuries. The veterinary doctors and caregiver are the one who responsible to take care of the orphans.

The popular residents of the Senkwekwe Mountain Gorilla orphanage Center.

Yalala, Yalala was a member of the Kabirizi gorilla family in the Virunga national park. She was rescued from the poachers. Yalala was found trapped in the giant snare. She tried to free herself but her leg was damaged by the catch. Yalala is also among the orphans in the Centre and can be visited by travelers after gorilla trekking or hiking the Nyiragongo volcano.

Maisha, Maisha is a local word that means “life”, she was among the first orphans into the Centre. The poachers took her inside a cave. Where the management took her into the Senkwekwe Centre and the gorilla doctor treated her back to good health, Maisha was brought there for better care. She was also caring about other members within the Centre as like her own children. A time came and she got older which resulted in her death.

Matabishi, this was a younger male gorilla. It was found in the garden near the Virunga national park. In 2010 is when Matabishi brought. Research saying that the poachers dropped him because they are out of fear of being caught.

Kaboko, this was a male gorilla, his hand was cut off because of the traps set up by the poachers. He was a very welcoming gorilla and loving everyone in the group. Kaboko was used to face abdominal problems but his death was due to the 2012 rebel attack in the Virunga national park. Later, he died because the Centre had no qualified veterinary doctor to take care of at that time.

Ndakasi, is also one of the first gorillas brought to the Senkwekwe Centre after the death of members of the Rugendo family in 2007 by rebels in the Virunga national park. Ndakasi was shifted in the Senkwekwe Centre from the Goma town in 2010. At an age of 10 years.

Ndeze, Ndeze, and Ndakasi are sisters and they were together in a building in the Goma town. The unfavorable environment in the city forced the conservationists to establish the Senkwkwe Centre to keep the orphanage gorillas. But later Ndeze passed on.

How to explore the Senkwekwe mountain gorilla orphanage Centre.

The Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage Centre is positioned into Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, near the park offices and Mikeno lodge. The Center is under the Virunga foundation with support from veterinary doctors and Gorilla Doctors. The orphans are taken care of by caregivers to help rehabilitate, feed, and take care of the primates and the gorilla doctors.

The Centre is open for tourists to raise funds from individual donors. On your tour in Virunga national park, spare some time and go to the Senkwekwe Centre, as it is for free but only for those who stay at Mikeno lodge. Other safari lodges are located far away from the Center like Bukima tented camp, Kibumba tented camp, and others. However, arrangements can be made from the hotel or with a help of your tour company. In most cases, visiting the Senkwekwe orphan Centre is carried out after gorilla trekking or hiking mountain Nyiragongo in Virunga national park. Visiting this Centre also allows exploring more about the mountain gorillas. You will also watch them make their nests, feeding and play with the caretakers. The Centre also welcomes the volunteers but through the Virunga Foundation.

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