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Other activities to do in Mgahinga gorilla national park after gorilla trekking safaris.

Other activities to do in Mgahinga gorilla national park after gorilla trekking safaris., Gorilla families in Bwindi impenetrable national park

Other activities to do in Mgahinga gorilla national park after gorilla trekking safaris.

Looking for other activities to do in Mgahinga gorilla national park after gorilla trekking safaris? Mgahinga national park is the home of the Nyakagezi gorilla family and it is the common destination for these primates in Uganda is the Bwindi impenetrable national park. Mgahinga national park is positioned in the southwestern region of Uganda. On Uganda’s border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It covering an area of 33.9 square kilometers meters, which making it the smallest park in Uganda. In 1991 is when the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) established Mgahinga national park to protect endangered mountain gorillas.

There are three dormant mountains in Mgahinga national park which include Mount Muhavura, Sabyinyo, and Gahinga. These volcanoes are covered by several vegetation types that are the bamboo forest, Albertine, semi-alpine, and montane forest. The mountain ranges in Mgahinga stand at an elevation of between 7,000-13,000 meters and thus making it a good environment for mountain gorillas, a lot of bird species, and golden monkeys. Once it was also home to the Batwa people.

Mgahinga national park is also home to various wildlife species, but most tourists visited it because of its mountain gorillas. Mgahinga national park has only 1 habituated gorilla family which is known as the Nyakagezi gorilla family. It is usually found on Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda and in most cases it used to cross to these neighboring countries but the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) tries its level best to keep them on the Uganda side. This family is one of the largest gorilla habituated gorilla families and it has 4 silverbacks.

Mgahinga national park is about 490kilometers from the capital Kampala which takes about 9 hours of drive.  This park can be reached on either air or road transport. The journey begins from the capital Kampala or Entebbe via Mbarara, Kabale to Kisoro where Mgahinga national park is found. You can use flight. All flights to Kisoro are organized by Aerolink from Entebbe to Kisoro Airstrip of Kihihi Airstrip then from here, you will use ground transportation to the Mgahinga national park.

The cost for the gorilla trekking permits in Mgahinga national park is the same as that one of Bwindi forest which goes at 700USD because they offer the same experience.  There are 0nly 8 gorilla trekking permits in Mgahinga national park since it has one gorilla family. Therefore, those who are planning to trek gorillas in this park, are advised to book their permit in advance to avoid inconveniences.

Difference between gorilla trekking in Mgahinga and Bwindi national parks.

Uganda is the only country on earth with two gorilla destinations. These areas are known as Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga national park.  The primates look the same as they have the same sub-species. Even the overall price of gorilla trekking is the same in terms of transport and accommodation. They offer the same experience and the same gorilla trekking rules and regulations. But the major differences are:-

Mgahinga national park covers an area of only 33.9 square kilometers while Bwindi forest is placed on an area of 331square kilometers thus Bwindi forest is bigger than Mgahinga.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is too big and gorilla trekking is done in four sectors that are Buhoma sector in the north, both Nkuringo and Rushaga sectors in the south part of the park plus Ruhija sector in the East while Mgahinga has only Ntebeko as the starting point.

Mgahinga National Park is consists of montane and bamboo forests whereas Bwindi is a tropical rain forest. Though Bwindi forest has more mountain gorillas than Mgahinga national park. Mgahinga national park has only one habituated gorilla family while Bwindi forest has about 19 habituated gorilla families.

Mgahinga national park has more tourist activities apart from gorilla trekking like golden monkey tracking, the Batwa trail, mountain hiking, bird watching, nature walks whereas Bwindi forest has few extra tourist attractions which include nature walks, community walks, and bird watching.

Other activities to do in Mgahinga gorilla national park after from gorilla trekking safaris.

Mgahinga national park is known as the smallest park in Uganda but blessed with many tourist activities after gorilla trekking safaris which includes golden monkey trekking, the Batwa trail experience, nature walks, bird watching, mountain biking, and cave exploration. The following are other activities to do in Mgahinga gorilla national park after gorilla trekking safaris;

Golden monkey tracking

Golden monkey tracking is one of the major tourist attractions which attracts most visitors to visit this park. Golden monkeys are endangered wild animals with around 3000-4000 individuals on earth. These primates have colors like grey, black, and a beautiful shade of orange-gold and this is a reason why it is called a golden monkey. They stay in a family of about 100 individuals led by an alpha male they eat flowers, bamboo leaves, sprouts, small invertebrates, lichens, seasonal fruits which are abundant in the forest. A permit for golden monkey trekking is going at 60USD per person per trek.

Bird watching.

Mgahinga gorilla national park features more than 180 bird species. Bird watching in this park is done all year round. You will enjoy a lot of endemic Albertine rift in the George trail on your birding safari in Mgahinga Gorilla national park.  Some of the bird species one can see while visiting Mgahinga Gorilla national park includes Rwenzori Turaco, Dusky Turtle Dove, Cape Robin-chat, Brown Woodland Warbler,  Handsome Francolin,  Bronze Sunbird, Black-headed Waxbill, and Streaky Seedeater, White-starred Robin,   Kivu Ground Thrush, and Cinnamon Bracken Warbler, Greater Double collard Sunbird, White Starred Robin,   Rwenzori Batis, Archer’s Robin-Chat, Olive Pigeon, and Black-headed waxbill, Cape Robin, Western Green Tinkerbird and among others.

Nature walks

Nature walks give you a great chance to explore the forest which is covered by bamboo and montane forests are home to various wildlife species. Like golden monkeys, mountain gorillas, a lot of bird species, forest mammals, reptiles, tree species, and flowers. Nature walks in Mgahinga national park is normally take place around the Mgahinga gorge trail, Sabinyo trail, and border trail.

The Batwa trial experience

Batwa Trail in Mgahinga is one of the best cultural experiences in Uganda. It gives you chance to visit the Batwa pygmies. Batwa people were staying in Mgahinga, Bwindi, Volcanoes national park, and Virunga national parks but they were chased away and these areas turned into national parks. They were depending on hunting and gathering. Currently, they stay outside the park and work as guides and porters. While visiting these people, you will get to known about them like their lifestyle. The trail ends with a visit to the Garama Cave where you will get to know all history of the Batwa. Then after hiking the forest, you will be entertained by music, dance, and drama plus storytelling.

Cave exploration

In Mgahinga national park, there are several caves that tend to be home to the Batwa people. While exploring the caves in Muhavura and Garamba, you will learn more about the lifestyle of the Batwa people.

Hiking one of the mountains in Mgahinga.

On your safari to Mgahinga Gorilla national do not miss out on mountain hiking.  Mgahinga Gorilla national park has three volcanoes which are known as Gahinga, Sabinyo, and Muhavura, and their names have a literal meaning like Mountain Muhavura means a guide, Mountain Gahinga means a pile of stones, and Mountain Sabinyo means old man’s teeth.  Mount Sabinyo is found in Mgahinga Gorilla national of Uganda, Volcanoes national park of Rwanda, and Virunga national park of DR. Congo. While hiking Mount Sabinyo, you will pass through mushy vegetation so hikers are advised to put on waterproof hiking boots. These mountains require someone to be physically fit to reach their summits and this cannot be done in one day. So to complete your hike without disturbance carry hiking boots, Hat and Sun Glasses, Long Sleeved Shirts / Blouse, Rain Jacket in the wet season, Energy giving snacks, Cameras and extra batteries, sleeping bags, garden gloves, walking stick but this provided at your lodges or at the park headquarters, you can even hire a porter to help you during hiking as well as carrying your luggage, flashlights and among others. Park fees are costs 35USD for foreign nonresidents per person per hike, 25USD for foreign residents per person each hike, and 10,000 Ugandan shillings for East African citizens.

Safari lodges and hotels around Mgahinga national park.

Accommodation facilities around Mgahinga national park offer high-quality services at affordable prices. They are classified into three that is luxury, mid-range, and budget lodges. As discussed in brief below:-

Mount Gahinga Lodge is positioned near the entrance of Mgahinga Park and it offers luxury facilities. The rooms too have suite bathrooms, showers, fireplaces, flush toilets, and others. The lodge features a restaurant and bar, an outdoor sitting area, solar power, a sunroom, and an open fireplace. While staying here, you can do gorilla tracking and golden monkey tracking, Batwa heritage trail, volcano hiking, bird watching, nature walks, and others.

Amajambere Iwacu Community Camp is near park offices and has self-contained facilities with a restaurant serving delicious food. It offers overviews of Virunga Mountain ranges of Gahinga, Sabyinyo, and Muhabura. The camp has 2 dormitories and 3 bandas.

Mgahinga rest camp is positioned nearby the Park. It has 9 grass-thatched bands and 3 tents that offer high-quality facilities. Tourists who make their sleepovers at this place always have the opportunity to do gorilla trekking in Uganda, DR. Congo, and Rwanda.

Kisoro Tourist Hotel is pocket-friendly because it has self-contained rooms at affordable prices. It offers a lounge, sauna, restaurant, conference facility, steam bath, gift shop, bar, fitness room, internet access, fireplace, laundry, and so on. Activities to do while staying here are gorilla trekking, bird watching, golden monkey trekking, and others.

Travelers’ rest hotel Kisoro is best for mid-range travelers and is among the oldest hotels in Uganda. This hotel is also found just 14kilometers from Mgahinga in Kisoro town. The hotel has 11 rooms that are furnished well and they include double, single twin, triple, suite, and many more. The hotel also offers facilities like a restaurant, internet, garden, laundry services, and lounge.

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