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Packing List for the visitors coming to Uganda to see gorillas

Packing List for the visitors coming to Uganda to see gorillas

Packing List for the visitors coming to Uganda to see gorillas

What is the packing list for the visitors coming to Uganda to see gorillas? Gorilla trekking is among the most thrilling and wonderful wildlife activities which attract most tourists to visit Africa. Every year over 100,000 guests visit Africa for observing the few remaining mountains gorillas in the world. This activity involves hiking deep inside the forests for like 1-2 hours while spotting a lot of bird species, forest antelopes, smaller primates, butterflies plus rare vegetation before finding a gorilla group.  Gorillas are too interesting as they resemble humans and behave like them. Watching a gorilla group is like observing the lifestyle of ancient people. Gorillas are calm and gentile, unlike chimpanzees. Each gorilla family is headed by a dormant silverback. He is responsible to take care of other group members. Gorillas are divided into 4 subspecies that are the mountain gorillas, eastern lowland gorillas, western lowland gorillas, and cross river gorillas. The largest gorilla subspecies are the eastern lowland gorillas followed by mountain gorillas.  But mountain gorillas are the most subspecies that attract most of the tourists in Africa. You can also track the Western and Eastern lowland gorillas.

Its true gorillas are endangered this is due to the pet trade, poaching, and loss of habitat. Gorilla tourism was introduced as a conservation tool because the money collected is used to patrol the parks and pay park rangers. This activity also attracts tourists thus providing employment opportunities for the community members staying near the habitat of gorillas, which helps to keep gorillas and other wildlife animals safe as the local people see the value. Gorilla tours in Africa are done in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In Uganda, mountain gorillas are found in two tourist destinations are Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, in Rwanda, they are found in Volcanoes national park. While the Democratic Republic of Congo is unique because one can see both mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas.   You will find mountain gorillas in Virunga national park while whereas the eastern lowland gorillas are in Kahuzi-Biega national park.

To enjoy gorilla trekking, you need to be physically and mentally prepared to face the challenges that happen when searching for endangered gorillas.

Packing List for the visitors coming to Uganda to see gorillas.

Below is a list of packing items for the visitors coming to Uganda to see mountain gorillas in either Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or Mgahinga gorilla national park;

Gorilla permit and passport

One must have a gorilla permit and passport on the packing list all the time. Passport and gorilla permit are the documents that must be introduced at park headquarters to confirm whether the passport is yours or if you’re old enough because one of the gorilla trekking rules is that tourists below 15 years of age are not allowed to trek.

A passport is also used to determine if you get herder or an easy trek.

Gorilla trekking is carried out through hiking for long distances in dense forests and mountainous areas. Forest trails are used to be muddy and slippery hence making hiking difficult for trackers. This is the reason why trekkers need to carry shoes that can cover the feet with a good grip. This helps you to walk for long hours in the forest without getting pierced by thorns or slipping.

Long-Sleeved Shirts / Blouse

Try to carry the right clothes when coming for gorilla trekking, in most cases, gorillas are staying in the big forest and mountainous areas. It is important to wear clothes that cover the full body to avoid flies and tropical insects that can affect your body.


Consider gloves as the important thing on a gorilla safari, as they protect you from germs and reduce on chances of other infections that may affect you because during gorilla trekking you may find yourself holding onto vegetation while hiking.

Rain Jacket

Habitat for gorillas are found in the rainforest so at any time of the year it may rain, therefore, in your packing list do not forget to carry a rain jacket just in case it rains because these areas are unpredicted

Hat and Sun Glasses

This is an optional thing during gorilla trekking but if you want to enjoy this activity with no disturbance, you’re advised to carry sunglasses and a hat especially in the dry seasons.

Insect Repellents

This helps you to avoid tropical insects that may affect your body like mosquitos. Also try as much as possible to carry perfumes, shavers, hand sanitizers, and deodorants so that you smell and look nice on your trip.  You should even consider packing a toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, and wipes


Packed lunch, snacks, and energy drinks: this activity starts very early in the morning and takes like 2-6 hours depending on the assigned family. You may get hungry and thirsty. This is the reason why you need a packed lunch, drinking water, and energy drinks. Your lodge can help you to pack lunch and drinking water or you can get them from the nearby towns in a supermarket.

Walking Stick

Walking stick is also useful while tracking gorillas because this activity is carried out while hiking through the thick forests, mountainous areas, valleys, and river streams. Hiking sticks also support you when the trail is slippery. You will be provided a walking stick free of charge at the starting point.


Cameras with extra batteries are used to take pictures .as you know,  gorilla trekking is among the best amazing experiences so to enjoy it one needs to have both physical memories and mental that you can show your family or friends. A camera is useful to capture these unique primates, beautiful volcanoes, and forest creatures. Never use flash cameras in the presence of gorillas.


While tracking gorillas, a tourist has an opportunity to see an amazing collection of wildlife including birds,  small primates, butterflies, moths, antelopes, forest hogs, and much more. A binocular will help you spot all these creatures as you search for the gorillas.

Porter fees

Porter will support you during hiking, as gorilla trekking involves moving into deep searching for the gorillas for long hours. So hiking with heavy luggage can make you feel uncomfortable and you need to hire a porter. They are very experienced in hiking long distances. The cost for a porter is 15USD. These porters are the student looking for school fees, fathers, mothers, and former poachers. By hiring their services, you will be participated in making difference in their lives.


Some people make your gorilla tour memorable. The hotel staff, park guide, and porters will try their level best to see that your tour is memorable even if they are not paid well. But only give out tips if you want to because it is not compulsory. A tip of 10USD would be great.

Apart from the above items, other essential items are important in your gorilla trekking packing list. These include a guidebook, an itinerary from your tour company, travel maps, cash buying remembrance. Also, a first-aid kit and medications for any lifestyle diseases are useful.

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