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Price of chimpanzee permits in Kibale forest national park

Price of chimpanzee permits in Kibale forest national park

Price of chimpanzee permits in Kibale forest national park

What is the Price / cost of chimpanzee permits in Kibale forest national park Uganda? Chimpanzee tracking is the process of going deep into the forest searching for unique chimpanzees. Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest national park is one of the best experiences not only in Uganda but the whole world. In the western region of Uganda at the edge of the East African Rift Valley is where Kibale forest national park. The park is also near the Rwenzori ranges of mountains, Semuliki national park, and Queen Elizabeth national park. Kibale forest national park covering an area of 296 square kilometers and it is a natural habitat for over 13 different primate species.

Kibale forest national park was formed in 1993 to protect and conserve wildlife. Kibale forest national park is much known as the best place for primates, but it is also home to over 375 bird species, 70 mammal species, and 200 tree species. Chimpanzee tracking is the major tourist activity in the forest with over 1500 individuals. Chimpanzees are taken as endangered animals and it is also on the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Chimpanzees are more intelligent like humans if compared to other primates like gorillas and orangutans. They are found in tropical rainforests of West, East, and Central Africa. Some can be spotted in East Asia.

Chimps live in a large and small group which is between 10 to 1000 individuals, each group is led by the alpha male. They feed on fruits, shoots, blossoms, leaf buds, small insects, birds and take the meat of smaller primates like monkeys or antelope.

Apart from Kibale forest national park, chimpanzees can also be spotted in Budongo forest in the Murchison falls national park, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park, Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve as well as in Kalinzu forest. They can also be spotted in the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Bugoma forest, and Entebbe zoo (Uganda Wildlife Education Centre).

Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest national park is the most rewarding experience in Uganda. As the park has the highest number of chimpanzees, with 4 communities that are already habituated for tourists. The chances of seeing chimps in Kibale forest national park is 90% if compared to other chimpanzee tracking destinations. This is the reason why Kibale forest national park is the number one destination not only in Africa but the entire world to spot wild chimps. To do chimpanzee tracking in this park, you must have a tracking permit which is costs 200USD per person. Chimpanzee tracking in the Kibale forest can be done very early in the morning, another one starts mid-morning and the last one is in the afternoon. To avoid any disturbance, you must know your session when booking the permit. The morning tracking begins at 8:00 am while the mid-morning shift starts at 10:30 am and the last afternoon session begins at 12:30 am. But you’re required to reach the park headquarters (Kanyanchu) at least 30 minutes before a session for the briefing. Briefing helps you to know the dos and don’ts of chimpanzee tracking, the history of the park, the chimpanzee groups in the park, your permit and passport will be verified. When the briefing is done, you will be knowing the chimpanzee group you going to track and also be assigned a park ranger who will lead you into the forest to see these primates.

Chimpanzee tracking is the process of moving into the forest searching for the chimps. Meeting chimps in the Kibale forest is quicker which may take only 1 hour on a good day, unlike the gorilla trekking. But tracking chimps is somehow difficult they like to spend time on the top of the tree and are very mobile. So taking photos with them you need more time, effort and keep following them to get a good short.

Chimps are welcoming animals, playful, jumping from one tree canopy to another so after meeting them settle in one place and prepare for a lot of drama. In the sense of any intruders, they stop to see if there is any danger. Once all is clear, they continue playing, feeding, jumping. Chimpanzees like so much to spend more time on trees which offers a wonderful experience.

After meeting the chimps, you’re given only one but the ranger may extend more time so that you get the best camera shots, unlike gorillas.

Chimpanzee habituation safaris in Kibale forest national park.

The chimpanzee habituation gives a great chance to tourists to visit a chimpanzee community that is in the process of habituation. It is among the most amazing experience which takes about 6 hours. The chimpanzee habituation also allows you to interact with the best trackers and researchers, which helps you to learn more about these unique primates. The experience starts very early in the morning around 5:30 am and may complete in the late evening. The reason why it begins very early is to find these animals when they are still sleeping in their nest, observe the chimps wake up from their nests, and start moving to look for food. As you follow them, you will get a chance to know how mothers feeding their Youngers, the methods they use for communication, their lifestyle, and so on. This is a wonderful experience one should not miss out on a chimpanzee tracking tour in the Kibale forest. You are advised to carry packed lunch since the activity may take a full day, a camera, energy drinks, a camera, and binoculars.

The cost / price of chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest national park.

The chimpanzee trekking costs include permits, accommodation, meals, and transport. Price of chimpanzee permits in Kibale forest national park is USD 200 for foreign non-residents per person, USD 150 for foreign residents, and UGX150,000 for East African citizens. Tourists who wish to spend more time with chimpanzees can do chimpanzee habituation which costs USD 250 per person per trek. To enjoy the chimpanzee-tracking safari in Kibale forest national park, you need at least 3 days which costs around USD 850 per person per trek for budget accommodation. For mid-range accommodation cost USD 950 per person while luxury accommodation is for USD 1300 per person.

The best time for chimpanzee tracking in Kibale national park.

As with other destinations in the western region of Uganda, the kibale forest can also be visited all year round but the best time is the driest months that are from June-September and December-February when the hiking trails are not too slippery and muddy. While during the wet season which is from April-May and October- November tourists are not advised to visit the park because of much rainfall which can make chimpanzee trekking difficult. However, during this period, there is a high chance to see chimpanzees in a few minutes as their plenty of food in the forest so the chimps are no longer moving long distances. Even bird lovers this is the best time to visit the park as the migratory birds are common in the park. Also for budget tourists, the Kibale forest national park is situated in the tropical rain forest, so any time it may rain. This is the reason why you’re advised to carry the right-wear like Hiking boots, a long-sleeved shirt, hand gloves, a raincoat, and others.

Guideline for chimpanzee trekking.

  • Tourists with contagious diseases such as covid-19, flu, and cough are not accepted to take part in chimpanzee trekking because they may affect the chimps as the DNA for chimps is similar to the human.
  • Tourists below 12 years of age are not allowed because they may fail to follow the instructions.
  • You are not allowed to take eats in the presence of chimpanzees because they may grab your food.
  • 6 people are allowed to visit each community of chimps because large people may scar the chimps.
  • Keep 7 meters from chimpanzees.
  • Flash cameras are not allowed for photography.
  • You should keep your voice low in the presence of chimpanzees.
  • Do not litter.

Packing list for chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest.

Most tourists will always wonder what to pack for their next chimpanzee adventure after getting a chimpanzee permit. Here are requirements that one needs when coming to chimpanzee tracking and you should make sure that you plan accordingly to make it worth it.

  • Hiking Boots; on your safari hiking boots is one of the most important things you should carry for your chimpanzee tracking since this activity is carried out in mountainous areas.
  • come along with Long-Sleeved Shirts; Try as much as possible to put on the long-sleeved shirts, this is because some chimpanzee communities are staying in the big forests.
  • Garden Gloves may help you to reduce the risk of other infections that may affect you since you hold onto vegetation when you’re hiking.
  • Hat and Sun Glasses are also important to carry mostly in the dry season, this helps you to protect yourself from sunshine.
  • Energy giving snacks. The activity starts at 7 am, so you need to carry your packed lunch.
  • Cameras and extra batteries for taking photos that to share with your loved ones when you’re back in your homeland. But make sure that your flash is off.
  • Porters, the activity involves hiking mountains so it is advisable to hire a porter who will carry your luggage as well as support you to hike.
  • A walking stick is provided at the park headquarters or the lodge, it is used when the trail is slippery or muddy.

Other tourist attractions to do in Kibale Forest national park.

Nature walks.

Nature walks in Kibale forest national park are the second common activity in Kibale national park after chimpanzee trekking. This is the process of moving through the vast forest looking for various species of animals like duikers, buffaloes, elephants, bush babies, giant forest hogs, unique chimpanzees, and others.

Tracking smaller primates.

Kibale forest national park is blessed with many tourist attractions including tracking smaller primates. Since the park is home to 12 other primate species apart from chimpanzees and these include; vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, pottos monkeys,red-tailed monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, white and black colobus, and others. These primates can be spotted during nature walks or chimpanzee trekking.

Bird watching.

Kibale forest national park is among the top areas where one can go for bird watching, with over 370 bird species. These are some of the bird species one can see while visiting Kibale forest national park for bird watching which includes; the great blue turaco, little greenbul, Blue-breasted kingfishers, black/white casqued Hornbill, and others.

Visiting the Bigodi wetland sanctuary.

The wetland is nearby Kibale forest national park which is home to over 120 bird species. This activity involves a tour of the local villages plus local women’s project.

Visit the Crater Lakes

Kibale National Park stretches to the East African Rift Valley, this is why it offers amazing outstanding features like the crater lakes such as Ambere and Kyaninga. Visiting these crater lakes will reward you with a wonderful experience.

Where to stay on your chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest national park.

Yes, after understanding the price of chimpanzee permits in Kibale forest national park Uganda, you need to look for optional accommodation facilities to stay while on your tour. Kibale forest national park is has a wide range of safari lodges ranging from luxury, mid-range, and budget. These include;

A Primate lodge is found near the park office. It is best for luxuries tourists with 16 beautiful rooms. These rooms are equipped with bathrooms, flush toilets, living rooms, study desks, a balcony, and among. It offers a restaurant, a bar stocked with all types of drinks, Wi-Fi is also available.

The crater safari lodge is found just 7 kilometers away from the park. For tourists who are planning for chimpanzee trekking, a crater safari is the best place to consider. The lodge has 21 rooms and each room has a balcony that offers beautiful views of the crater lake. It offers a restaurant, a bar, swimming pool. And among others.

Kyaninga lodge. This is the best place for luxurious tourists. It has 9 fabulous private chalets and they are all self-contained. The lodge has comfortable beds and verandas, bathrooms with both hot and cold water. Its restaurant serves both local and international food, the bar is also available stocked with all types of drinks.

Chimpanzee Forest Guest House. This lodge is best for both mid-range and budget tourists, it is found near the visitors Centre of the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The lodge offers a swimming pool and all its rooms are self-contained. Activities to do while staying here are chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, nature walks, and others.