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Queen Elizabeth national park lion tracking safaris

lion tracking safaris Queen Elizabeth national park

Queen Elizabeth national park lion tracking safaris

Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the most visited parks in the western region of Uganda established in 1952 and a key destination for lion tracking safaris in Uganda. Queen Elizabeth national park is commonly known for wildlife viewing with over 95 mammals and about 600 bird species. The park is consists of woodlands, crater lakes, gorges, beautiful plains, savannah grasslands, mountains, and forests. The most tourist attraction which attracts most of the tourists in the park is the tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector. Spotting the tree climbing lions during game drives is among of the best experiences one should not miss out on his /her safari in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Uganda Carnivore Program.

Uganda Carnivore Program at first was known as the Uganda Large Predator Project. It was started in the 1990s with the purpose of introducing lion tracking in Uganda and also to stop the canine distemper virus that was killing a lot of canines in the Serengeti national park of Tanzania and the nearby conservation wildlife areas were in fear that it would spread in Uganda. But in the end, they realized that the predators are dying because of poisoning. This forced the project to start monitor and research them and conducting other activities in the conservation area.

This project is headed by one of the lecturers at Makerere University which known as Dr. Ludwig Siefert. He also works with predator research in other Uganda’s national parks. Other staff members are James Kalyewa as a monitor of the predator every day and Keneth Mugyenyi is in charge of community outreach activities.

The Uganda Carnivore Program has trained other younger scientists, also works together with the government, international volunteers, and student’s researchers who are interested in ecology.

Cost for Lion tracking safaris in Queen Elizabeth national park

In Uganda, Lion tracking is done in the Kasenyi plains of Queen Elizabeth national park and the tree-climbing lions found in the Ishasha sector. It is good to do your bookings in advance with any tour operators if you’re interested in this activity. Payment is also done at Mweya Information Centre. This activity cost 60USD for foreigners and 100,000 Ugandan shillings for East African citizens.  10USD is taken by Uganda Carnivore Program from each payment. This program has also sensitized the local communities around Queen Elizabeth national park on how to live with lions and other cats like leopards. Please note, costs for lion tracking do not include the park entrances fee.

How Lion Tracking safaris is arranged in Queen Elizabeth national park Uganda.

Lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park has been in existence due to technological advancement. Radio collars that have got signals are set in the necks of lions. The lioness that is dominant is most loved to be used since it’s the one that determines the movements plus the hunting schedules. Lioness stays with the main pride and the rest of the males go out and try to mark their territory.  The follow-up with the lioness makes it easier for the researchers to find the whole pride.

How do they put the collar around the lioness’s neck?

Researchers do shoot the lioness with an injection that is small and harmless containing a tranquilizer that will help to keep her unconscious as they try to place the collar around the neck. It is placed on it in a way that the lioness can remain walking well and will never be stuck on the way on in the vegetation.

The radio collar is always responsible for sending the frequencies to those researching using the GPS system to find the location of the lioness.  The radio collar assists the scientists to observe the movements of the lions. It will monitor the lioness if it is sick or is closer to the living communities closer to the park.

If you are looking forward to visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park for lion tracking you should just know there is a limit on how many people can take part. There is a limited number of tourists to enter the park since lions are always stressed by the presence of humans.  When the number is small you are allowed to take pictures and the research team will be able to such a small group. In Uganda, lion tracking is done in three sessions. It is done in the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. Every person has to arrive in time for the briefing session. During the tracking session, you do not need to take a specific route. The lion tracking session lasts for 2-3 hours. Most researchers always follow the beeping noise and this takes you anywhere with the community living nearer to the park. When the tourists are closer to the lions they switch off the engine so as not to be scared away.

The real lion tracking day is hectic and you are likely to find the lions in 40 square kilometers and the distance may continue to 400 square kilometers and this happens in the period when food is scarce since they have to take long distances for the pride. Tracking is interesting and you are likely to meet animals like buffaloes, warthogs, hyenas, hyenas, elephants plus antelopes

The most effective way to get to Queen Elizabeth National Park for lion tracking safaris

One can arrive at the recreation center via air or road. Assuming one decides to utilize air transport, they should simply book a departure from Kajjansi/Entebbe to Mweya, Ishasha or Kasese airstrip. This should be possible by your host tourism operating company. They ought to likewise have somebody hold on to get you the guide at the airstrip and take you to the workplaces to enroll for lion tracking. On the off chance that one picks the more extended street transport from Kampala, they ought to plan to head to Mbarara for around 4 hours.

What about lodges and hotels in Queen Elizabeth National Park?

There are an assortment of lodgings and visitor houses accessible relying upon your spending plan in Queen Elizabeth National Park. You should look at the sites of Simba safari hold up, Buffalo stop, Katara hold up, Mweya safari hotel and Ishasha Wilderness Camp

Other tourist activities in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Nature walks

Queen Elizabeth national park is also good for nature walks and it is usually done from Kyambura Gorge and Maramagambo forest or you can go to the Mweya Peninsular where you will explore the crater lakes, rivers, and a variety of bird species.

Boat cruise.

You do a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel and enjoy one of the best experiences while spotting almost all the wildlife animals in the park.  These are some of the animals to see along the Kazinga channel are hippos, buffaloes, elephants, leopards, warthogs, duiker, and a lot of bird species.

Chimpanzee tracking.

Chimpanzee tracking is done in Queen Elizabeth national park at Kyambura Gorge where you will get a chance to see one of the unique primates on the earth.

Game drives in Queen Elizabeth

Game drives in Queen Elizabeth around North Kazinga Plains, Kasenyi, and Ishasha give you a chance to see elephants, buffalo, warthogs, antelope, and baboons. Lions and leopards are usually spotted during the morning ride.

Birding Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has a variety of habitats which are roughly over 600 species. The park has got Savanna grass and forest that connect to DR Congo. This is the greatest park of birding in the East African national parks.

When birding in Queen Elizabeth National Park, it is good to have these sites in your mind for the best experience; Kasenyi Area, Kazinga Channel, Maramagambo Forest, Mweya Peninsula, Ishasha Sector, Katunguru Bridge, Lake Kikorongo, and Katwe.

The main bird species in the park include; Papyrus Canary, Martial Eagle, Pink-backed Pelican, African Broadbill, African Skimmer, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Chapin’s Flycatcher, Black Bee-eater, Black-rumped Buttonquail, White-tailed Lark, White-winged Warbler, Corncrake, Shoebill, Lesser, and Greater Flamingo, Bar-tailed Godwit, Papyrus Gonolek. The birds are water birds, forest dwellers, or woodland birds found in Maramagambo Forest.

How to access Queen Elizabeth National park.

This amazing national park can be accessed by road or air transport. You will book a flight from Entebbe international airport to Ishasha, Mweya, or Kasese airstrip. This can be done with Africa Adventure Vacations. You will find a tour guide at the airstrip waiting and take you to the offices to register for the lion tracks.

By road, you will use the tarmac road which goes through Kampala to Mbarara town, and Bushenyi up to the Mweya peninsula center which is just 22km to the park.

Getting to Queen Elizabeth National park gives you an opportunity to take a route to the Lake Mburo National park, the Rwenzori Mountains, Kibale National Park popular for Chimpanzee tracking.

Where to stay while at lion tracking safaris in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Queen Elizabeth national park has a variety of hotels and safari lodges where one can stay and complete his/her safari which is ranges from budget, mid-range, and luxury. These include;

Mweya safari lodge is found on Mweya peninsular nearby the park. It offers a modern swimming pool, a bar with all types of drinks which is all ready to serve, comfortable loungers, a health club and among others. Activities to do while staying here are Lion tracking in the Ishasha sector, boat cruise along the Kazinga channel, nature walks in Kyambura Gorge, community walks, hiking at the Katwe Crater Lakes, and visiting the coffee plantations.

Ishasha jungle lodge is situated in the Kihihi sub-county of Kanungu district near the park. It is the best option for mid-range tourists. It has 10 nice and elegant 1 designed room. The rooms are built in African traditional style with air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, satellites, mosquito nets, flushing toilets, cold and hot showers, and each room has a terrace and balconies with beautiful views of the Kazinga channel, savannah plains, wildlife, and others. Activities to do while saying here are lion tracking in the Ishasha sector, nature walks, bird watching, and boat cruises.

Pumba Safari Cottage is located near the home of chimpanzees that is Maramagambo, Kalinzu, and Kyambura. This Cottage is good for budget travelers and rooms are well furnished in wood from the local tress, the rooftops with solar light as well as the water heaters in the bathrooms. It offers services like restaurants with local foods, two dining one for café or coffee shops, free parking space, free Wi-Fi, and others. At Pumba Safari Cottage you can do activities like community walks, bird watching, nature walks, and other safari lodges are Katara lodge, Ishasha Wilderness camp, buffalo lodge.

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