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Rwanda Tours

Are you interested in Rwanda tailor-made tours and safaris?  Then, Africa Adventure Vacations is the best choice for you to book the Rwanda trips. We have the bundles of experience in organizing for you the Rwanda tours whether customized or tailor-made safaris and these are organized based on the clients’ interests and budget. Rwanda is one of the beautiful countries with much to offer and thus we present to you a full-backed list of Rwanda safaris tours and it is in your interest to choose which is the best Rwanda safari that is palatable for you.

Rwanda has got various tours that include the Chimpanzee trekking tours, the Rwanda gorilla tracking tours,  the Rwanda birding tours,  the wildlife tours in Rwanda, the Rwanda cultural tours, and Rwanda community tours and the boat cruise tours majorly ion lake Ihema in Akagera National Park and on Lake Kivu.

A green hill-covered country Rwanda is deemed one of the best destinations for various safari activities and the majority of the people have known Rwanda as the land with a thousand hills.  While in this great and beautiful country, you will be able to enjoy and view primates such as gorillas and chimpanzees in their natural wildness, see the Rwanda golden monkeys in the volcanoes national park, the big five African wild animals in the Rwanda Akagera National Park, hike the various volcanoes and view the undulating landscapes which is so much interesting. As you move away from the city, you will find the oldest and great forest of all time Nyungwe which is home to several primates who you wish ever to visit Rwanda.

While on your Rwanda tour, you will tour various places including; firstly, the volcanoes National Park found in Ruhengeri; in Volcanoes national park, visitors go there for the endangered mountain gorilla tours. Mountain gorillas are not many in the world and about 1060 individuals of the mountain gorillas are only left in the world with some of these staying in volcanoes national park. Ten families of the mountain gorillas are habituated and are available for the tourist worth a visit but of course, there are more gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park.  Visitors will see the gorillas with the help of trackers, and rangers who select different gorillas families to be habituated by different clients, and visitors are allocated a given habituated family based on their interests,  physical fitness, and age and thus when you are old in age then you can be given the gorilla family that is less strenuous in tracking it. You will need to pay the gorilla trekking permit worth $1500 per person in order to get in Volcanoes National park to track the endangered mountain gorillas.

The Rwanda tours will also lead you to Nyungwe Forest National Park to enjoy the rich biodiversity of the forest with a lot that it offers.  Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of the oldest forests on the African continent and the forest enjoys several wildlife species especially primates that you will be able to see as you tour the forest. Chimpanzees and other primates can be seen here.  While in Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest National Park can be visited throughout the year but it has been proven that chimpanzees can be easily seen during the wet season that occurs in the mid-march and to April. These months have got higher chances of rain and thus when visiting the park, make sure that you have got your hiking shoes, and the rain jacket just in case the rains find you amidst the forest trekking. Nyungwe forest National park offers you a great opportunity to engage in the Nyungwe canopy walks, track the Nyungwe chimpanzees which is the major reason why visitors do visit the Nyungwe forest

Explore the Akagera National Park which is the only savannah and game viewing in Rwanda.  Akageraa national park sits on about 2500 kilometers and the park harbors more than 500 species of birds and different wild game including African caped buffaloes, herds of the elephants, zebras, lions, rhinos, and the leopards. Several antelopes can be seen grazing within the Akagera National Park.  While in Akagera National Park, you will also get a chance to take the boat cruise safari tour on Lake Ihema and mover close to the ages of the lake that is covered with forest-like vegetation and enrich yourself with the hippos, crocodiles, and several species of birds which is interesting and much lovable for the birding tourists or travelers.

Your Rwanda tours and safaris can’t be complete without exploring the city of Kigali, Kigali is one of the best and wonderful cities in Africa because of the way how it was planned and established.  Your Kigali city tour will not disappoint with the tree-lined streets and the valleys and hills in the city offering amazing scenery with all the facilities and the support services that you will need are available in Kigali city tour. The city valleys and shops with artifacts and crafts where you can stop and make some shopping for you will be really so much interesting.

In the southern Kigali city, in Bugesera district, there comes the Nyamata church and this church has historical significance in that it provides refuge to both groups of people the Tutsi and Hutus in the Rwanda genocide however, the majority of the people here were gunned down by the militia and as of recent the church acts as the homage to the families of the people who lost their lives and the grievances of the family members. Your visit here will expose you to the remains of the people who died and the stories of the survivors which are all at the display. Other places to visit include during your Rwanda tour include Kigali Memorial  Center  which was constructed near the mass graves of about 250000 people who were murdered during the genocide and you can also visit the Rwanda Kuye  as well as the lake Kivu

Therefore, the Rwanda tours will lead you to a lot of interesting stories full of past and present, nature and traditional, as you engage in various safari activities. A lot is available to offer and what you need is to contact us at Africa adventure vacations for the best wonderful Rwanda tours that are organized by professional tour and travel consultants. The Rwanda Tours can be organized any time of the year and at any time we are available full time and we do operate 24 hours. Don’t b hesitate just contact us at websites and emails for more information.

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