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The overall cost for Golden monkey trekking in Rwanda

Golden monkey trekking in Rwanda

The overall cost for Golden monkey trekking in Rwanda

What is the overall cost for Golden monkey trekking in Rwanda? Golden monkeys in Rwanda are is interesting and indeed, they are rare animals, these features are good and golden in color especially on their back and the cheeks.  Golden monkeys can only be found in only 3 countries of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic republic of Congo. They like to stay on slopes of volcanoes, mostly where they can get bamboo trees.  Golden monkeys resided in step slopes and they can be easily found in groups from one to one hundred -100 individuals.  Mostly they like such areas because these are areas that are full of food for these primates. They generally feed on fruits, bamboo shoots, and small insects. They are good at hiding and they are commonly found in thicket baboons trees as their way of hiding from the predators.  The Golden monkey is described as endangered by (IUCN)  and few not more than 500 have approximately remained in the whole world and the three countries as mentioned above.

Where to go golden monkeys trekking in Africa

Unlike Gorilla trekking that requires a maximum of eight people per Gorilla family, there is no limitation on the number of people for a given Golden monkey community. A family of Golden monkeys can thus be trekked by as many people as present on a given trekking day in either Uganda or Rwanda.

Golden monkeys of Volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

in case you want to have a chance to look at the golden monkeys,  all you need is to visit the volcanoes national park in Rwanda. They can be easily seen here moving all over the trees and shaking the tree branches especially close to the Mountain Sabinyo.   A large number of the golden monkeys in Volcanoes national park are spotted around the slopes of Mount Sabyinyo. Other small groups can be seen in the areas of the Volcanoes. Two habituated groups for tourism.  Besides Volcanoes national park, there are also other destinations in Rwanda were to see these primates which include, Gishwati-Mukura national park and Nyungwe forest national park. But the golden monkeys in Nyungwe forest and Gishwati-Mukura national parks are not open for tourism because they are not yet habituated.  They are usually seen during chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe or nature walks.

Golden Monkeys of Mgahinga national park in Uganda

Mgahinga national park is the best place for golden monkeys plus mountain gorillas. In Mgahinga national park, golden monkeys are found around the slopes of mount Muhavura and Mount Gahinga.  Only 2  Habituated  golden Monkeys can be found in  Mgahinga national park and these do well for the tourism development and this is very interesting, for the Golden to be opened for tourism they must be first well habituated

Mgahinga Golden monkey habituation experience

Mgahinga national park also offers a golden monkey habituation experience. Tourists who are interested in this experience, it is only possible in the Mgahinga national park of Uganda. As kike other wildlife animals, these primates are also not familiar to human beings. To feel comfortable in the presence of humans, they need to undergo the process of habituation. The habituation process is done by a team of local trackers and primatologists. These peoples are experts in studying the social structure and behavior of a group which they use to win their trust. This process takes like 3 years. While doing the golden monkey habituation experience, you get a chance to see how the researchers and local trackers how they win the trust of these primates.  It is expensive than golden monkey trekking but allows spending more time in the forest observing everything about the golden monkeys with the help of researchers. You also know what is being done to protect them.

The Golden Monkeys of Kahuzi Biega National park found in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Golden monkeys are also found in Kahunzi Biega national park. But they’re not yet habituated for tourists. They can be seen while tracking Eastern lowland gorillas and on nature walks.

Trekking the Golden Monkey in both Uganda and Rwanda

Rwanda and Uganda introduced the golden monkey trekking experience to raise funds for golden monkey conservation. Each year Uganda and Rwanda receive like 1000 tourists who visit Volcanoes national park and Mgahinga national park to see these primates. To enjoy the golden monkey tour, it is good to combine it with mountain gorillas. Uganda and Rwanda offer the same golden monkey experiences because they have a similar environment plus rules and regulations.  On a day of tracking, visitors gather together at the park headquarters for briefing, where the park officials share important information about the forests, primates like how to act while in their midst, and their status. Then after the briefing, the park rangers will take you deep in the forest looking for these primates.

Trekking golden monkeys are not too difficult like gorilla tracking because monkeys are used to move around their main sleeping ground. It takes about 1 hour to meet the golden monkey groups. This is an amazing experience than gorilla trekking because these monkeys used to spend more time on top of bamboo trees jumping from one to another.  Also on the ground, they are always moving. Once you find a group, you are given only one hour to interact with them, taking photos, watch a group interact, mate, groom, feed, and jumping from one tree to another. Golden monkeys are beautiful monkeys due to their unique color. While tracking golden monkeys, you will also encounter other primates, various bird species, forest mammals, you can see mountain gorillas on your day of luck as well as beautiful views of the Volcanoes.

How must be it to trek Golden monkeys in Uganda and Rwanda?

It is only the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)  that is responsible for issuing the golden monkey tracking permits in Uganda as compared to  Rwanda Development Board is responsible for issuing out permits or you can book with Africa Adventure Vacations. Permits for golden monkey trekking are not in high demand like gorilla trekking. Therefore, golden monkey permits are usually available. A tourist may not need to book them in advance mostly in the low season. You can also purchase them a day before the trek at the park headquarters. But to avoid any disturbance, it is good to book your permits in advance like 3 months most especially when you wish to travel between June-August and December-March.

In Rwanda, the golden monkey trekking permit costs 100USD per person per trek but includes the ranger and park entrance costs. Whereas in Uganda, the golden monkey trekking permit for all the foreigners goes at 60USD per person, for the East African citizens goes at 4,000 Ugandan shillings. The golden monkey habituation experience for foreigners is cost 100USD per person while for East African citizens it goes at 100,000 Ugandan shillings.  the inclusive costs include the cost of the park ranger,  while the park entrance fees are at 40USD per person.

Packing list for Golden monkeys.

To enjoy golden monkey trekking, you have also to consider packing the right items like clothing, snacks, and water. Golden monkey trekking is carried out through hiking the big forest and long distances.  Come along with items such as hiking boots, trousers, and long-sleeved shirts and trousers to prevent you from being scratched out by the tree branches and other plants as you do the Golden Monkey Tracking. A raincoat is also important since volcanoes national park is found in the tropical rain forest so at any time it may rain. A cap and sunglasses are useful mostly in dry months because they protect you from sunlight. Golden monkey trekking starts in the early morning so do not forget to pack snacks and drinking water or else you will get hungry. Hand sanitizer but insect repellent is most important during golden monkey trekking because they are used to remove the tropical insect. Do not forget to carry a camera with extra batteries to take photos of the monkey plus binocular especially the bird lovers. That one with heavy luggage, you can hire a porter from the park headquarter which cost about 15 USD.  Don does not forget to carry a walking stick which is provided at the park offices free of charge.

Reasons for Booking with Africa Adventure Vacations.

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