1 Day Kampala Capital City Tour Uganda Safari

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1 Day Kampala Capital City Tour Uganda Safari

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Looking for 1 Day Kampala Capital City tour Uganda safari? Kampala is the capital city of Uganda the pearl of Africa overlaying a whole place of about 189 km2 (73 square miles) with about 176 km2 (68 square miles) of land and thirteen km2 (5.0 square miles) of water space. Kampala’s capital city is estimated to have a populace of 3.5 million in habitats during the day and about 1,650,800 people during the night. Kampala’s capital city is pronounced to be among the fastest-growing cities in Africa and as the nice town and least pricey to stay in East Africa beforehand of Nairobi, Dar-es-salaam, and Kigali. It is regarded as a city situated on seven hills and a city with entertaining nightlife all night. Kampala city is one of the most fascinating cities to go to in Africa with a range of great sights. There are numerous ways to discover Kampala, us as a bicycle safari, take an automobile trip (Bodda bodda), driving, you do foot walk tour and this is the way to discover every nook of Kampala. When you go to Uganda for a flora and fauna sighting, bird watching or mountain gorilla trekking safari, it would be to discover Kampala capital city earlier than return to your country. It presents historic monuments, a paradise to subculture enthusiasts with a lot of probabilities to come upon the country’s cultural diversity. The Kampala city tour offers you the chance to recognize Uganda’s folk’s lifestyle, the special lifestyle of Uganda typically the Buganda kingdom, behaviors of Ugandan people, the traditions, and history.

What to count on during your 1 Days Kampala Capital City tour Uganda safari

  • Visiting the town markets
  • The Kasubi tombs tours
  • Amini torture chamber
  • Bahai temples
  • Namirembe and Lubaga cathedrals
  • Namugaomgo martyrs shrine

Detailed itinerary

Rise up very early in the morning to have your healthy breakfast at your lodge or hotel in Kampala city and then meet your safari driver guide who will be ready for you at your lodges reception for briefing about your full day Kampala city tour Uganda safari and then depart your lodge or hotel to commence your full day Kampala city tour your full-day encounter. Starting your tour early adequate will give you a chance to escape from the traffic jam. Kampala capital city  has a number of interesting sights/places that you can go to throughout your 1 day  city tour such as The Twekobe Kabaka’s palace and the Idi Amin torture chambers, the Kabaka’s lake which was  dug with the aid of hands  except use any modern-day device and some human beings say that it is the greatest artifical lake with the mere human hands  besides the use of any present day machines, you will also explore the  Kasubi tombs which is a  UNESCO as World Heritage Site due to the fact of the fantastic constructions that had been built by means of use of simply vegetal substances in the whole location of sub-Saharan Africa and the burial grounds for 4 kabakas (kings of Buganda) and different contributors of the royal family, the Hindu temples, the Gadaffi mosque which is one of the largest masjid in Africa which supply a mind-blowing view of Kampala from its top, Bahai temple the solely temple of the Bahai agree with in Africa and amongst the solely eight temples worldwide, Uganda Martyrs shine, the independence monument and so many different landmarks, the Catholic and Anglican church buildings situated  on exclusive hills, and the Uganda national  museum. Conclude your day by feasting on one of the most fascinating world’s quick meals “the Rolex”. You have a brief rest to have lunch, refreshments and you will be served the first-rate nearby foods restaurants serving the local food.

Best places to explore during your 1 Day Kampala Capital City tour Uganda safari

This 1 day Tour of Kampala city will take you to discover one of the most vibrant cities in East Africa. You will visit all the major attractions in Kampala city including the key commercial, educational, cultural, religious and historical landmarks/centers.

Kasubi Tombs

The Kasubi Tombs have located about 5 kilometers from Kampala city center alongside Kampala – Hoima highway in Lubaga north on Kasubi Hill. The location is the burial grounds for 4 of the late Kabakas these are Mutesa I 1856 – 1884, Mutesa II 1939 – 1966, Chwa Daudi 1899 – 1939, and Mwanga 1884 – 1897, and different contributors of the Baganda royal family which makes it a necessary mystical site for the Ganda humans and other people in Uganda a necessary instance of traditional architecture. The structures have been made out of the vegetal substances in the whole area of sub-Saharan Africa which made it turn out to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Gaddafi Mosque

Gaddafi National Mosque (Old Kampala Mosque) is discovered on the Old Kampala place (Old Kampala Hill)  and it was built and finished in 2006 with the potential of accommodating up to 15,000 worshipers and can maintain some other 1,100 in the gallery. It used to be funded through the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya as a present to the Ugandan Moslems population. It is one of the largest Masjid housed in Africa and the largest in the East African region. It is one of the most necessary region’s places in Kampala City and in Africa, East Africa, and Uganda, and when going to this place you will enjoy a lot of amazing structures. The pinnacle of the Old Kampala Mosque presents an extraordinary view of the whole Kampala city.

Kabaka’s Palace (Twekobe Palace)

Lubiri Palace / Mengo Palace is the royal compound of the Kabaka of Buganda (king of Buganda) located on the Mengo hill and the professional house of the ruling king in the Buganda Kingdom. This is the supernatural location the place most of the cultural rites on the Royal Drums are carried out earlier than a new king is declared king of the Buganda Kingdom. This is the Twekobe palace is the place the delivery of a royal prince or princess of the Royal Drums are sounded via drummers to inform the whole Kingdom about the new in particular chosen from a designated clan as a capability of informing the topics of the kingdom of the beginning member in the royal family and the identical Royal Drums are sounded upon the loss of life of a reigning king and different contributors of the royal household to make a legit announcement to the Kingdom members. In the lifestyle of the Buganda kingdom, the king does no longer dies as a substitute he rests at the back of the rid. The Twekobe Kabaka palace used to be constructed in 1885 through the late King Danieri Mwanga II Mukasa who was the thirty-first Kabaka of Buganda located on four square miles (10 km2).

The Amin Torture Chambers

The Amin torture chambers located in the Twekobe Kabaka’s palace of the King of Buganda kingdom that was to be constructed through President Idi Amin Dada as a jail to punish his political opponents and it is said, that each time you are taken to that prison, you would now not serve death. So, many had been butchered from this region as a punishment of now not helping Amin’s grievous dictatorship presidency. President Idi Amin Dada used to be viewed as one of Africa’s worst dictators throughout his presidency time. When you go to the Amin torture chambers, your local site guide will narrate to you how people used to be tortured.

The Kabaka’s Lake

The Kabaka’s lake used to be made from 1885-1888 in the city Serbabs of Ndeeba 5 km from the Kampala city center and it is the largest artificial lake in Uganda that was made out of the hands and local tools. It was made below the orders of King Mwanga of the Buganda Kingdom and his mission used to be to make it connecting to Lake Victoria and as his non-public enjoyable and for the sport fishing activity.

The Namirembe Cathedral

The Namirembe Saint Paul’s Cathedral is located on Namirembe hill and is one of the oldest cathedrals in Uganda for Anglicans. It is the provincial cathedral of the Church of Uganda situated on Namirembe Hill. It is one of the most necessary nonsecular middles to go to whilst in Uganda especially on Kampala city tors Uganda safari

The Bahai Temple

The Bahai belief in Uganda commenced in 1951 on Kikaaya hill located on a region of about fifty-two acres of land in opposition to the western horizon of Kampala city. The Kikaaya Bahai temple is the sole temple of the Bahai belief in Africa and amongst the eight worldwide. The Bahai belief represents solidarity and oneness with its nine-sided stunning silhouette. It is surrounded by immaculate stunning surroundings with a beautiful view of Kampala the capital city.

The Uganda National Museum

The Uganda National Museum is positioned few kilometers from Kampala city. It famous the standard lifestyles series of the Ugandans, ethnological and natural-historical returned ground. The Uganda National museum shows indigenous Uganda playable musical contraptions and how they have come growing over time, safety weaponry, searching equipment, archaeology, and entomology. It holds many of Uganda’s historic amenities and is the oldest Museum in Uganda and the East Africa region.

The 1 Day Kampala Capital City tour Uganda safari includes;

  • Transport for 1 day in a 4X4 safari Vehicle
  • Lunch
  • Bottled mineral water
  • Return airport transfers
  • English Speaking driver-guide
  • Entrance fees

The 1 Day Kampala Capital City tour Uganda safari excludes

  • Entry visa
  • Accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • International and domestic flights
  • All other items that are not included on the inclusion list.

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