1 day Rwanda Vacation Package

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1 day Rwanda Vacation Package

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This 1 day Rwanda vacation tour package will lead you to Lake Kivu in Karogi district to explore the lake and spend your vacation on this lake. The lake is well composed and it is bounded by stunning mountains, with the deep clear blue water offering the visitors the ultimate experience. Our 1 Day Rwanda vacation tour will begin in the morning at around 5 am to explore the lake that covers about 1460 meters above the sea level and a total surface area  of about 2700 square kilometers. Most of the tourists opt for Rwanda because of the  this wonderful lake and some of them like to learn more about history as well as take a boat cruise on Lake Kivu to explore various islands on the lake. Karogi district is the most popular destination for that provide the perfect environment for their boat cruise safaris, especially if you are interested in exploring the islands that are found on Lake Kivu

What to count on our 1 day Rwanda vacation tour package

While booking for our 1 day Rwanda vacation package, you will enjoy a lot of things, including the Ndaba Rock, the wonderful and the miraculous water falls, and as you engage in the boat cruise safaris, you will learn more about the history of Rwanda from the colonial period up to present. Sight-seeing is also one of the wonderful activities that you will engage in while booking for our 1-day Rwanda vacation tour.

Our 1-day Rwanda vacation tour itinerary is detailed below.

Since this safari will last for one day, we shall start this early in the morning after breakfast, and we will drive to Lake Kiviu, bounded by the mountains and its clear green waters. The lake covers 2700 square kilometers and it is raised to 2,460 meters above the sea level. This safari will start with a pick-up from the Kigali international airport or at your lodge and drive for about three hours, which is equivalent to about 110 kilometers. The road from Kigali to Karogi is good and paved, and this makes the visitors who are on our 1 day Rwanda vacation tour very comfortable. Karogi is the best place in Rwanda where one can have a clear vacation because it provides the perfect environment for one to enjoy the beautiful scenery. You will enjoy the pictures of the lakeside resort town, and the place features several beaches that contain crystal clear water. The facilities here are of exceptional natural discovery, and at the same time, traditional boats are used to offer the visitors exceptional tourist experiences. Visitors can take boat rides from a significant number of local hotels to Napoleon’s Island to experience a greater number of professional visitors at Lake Kivu (home to a state of organic product bats). And after the vacation excursion to Lake Kivu, we will return to Kigali, which we shall reach in the evening, marking the end of your 1-day Rwanda vacation tour.

The safari package includes

  • A boat cruise on Kivu
  • Meals as stipulated in the itinerary
  • The services of the English tour guide

The price excludes

  • Tickets for international flights
  • Insurance and a visa card
  • Laundry service
  • Tipping

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