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Fishing Tours

Do you know that Uganda is the best destination for fishing tours and safaris in the whole world? Can you imagine taking the sport fishing adventure trips on the world’s longest river and on the source of the Nile? It is not all about gorillas and wild game sightings, Uganda as the pearl of Africa features a lot of interesting tourist wonders that can be detached from the clients or the visitor’s touristic experience and pleasure. With a variety of freshwater bodies both rivers and lakes, Uganda has got the best sporting adventure in the whole world that you don’t need to miss. At Africa adventure vacations, we organize for you the best and outstanding Uganda fishing tours which at times can be incorporated with the gorillas trekking or wildlife viewing safaris.

Fishing itself in Uganda is a large industry contributing much to the world GDP and fishing at times is done for both home consumption and for commercial purposes.  The fishing in Uganda is majorly done on lakes such the lake Edwards, Kyoga, Gorge, Lake Victoria the world’s biggest freshwater body, and the river Nile and other man-made fishing ponds. The most fish source in Uganda is Lake Victoria and it is the major destination or spot for fishing in Uganda. Uganda fishing tours will lead you to visit these sites and explore how fishing is done and by who.

The best destinations for Uganda fishing tours

The following are key sport fishing destinations in Uganda, travelers can visit during their safaris and tours to the Pearl of Africa;

Lake Victoria and the surrounding communities

Lake Victoria is a wonderful destination or spot for fishing and the major or second-largest freshwater body in the whole world and the lake offers great water bodies which have been able to support various activities. There several activities which include among other the sport fishing and it is the best destination where you can be able to have the wonderful sport fishing activity. Lake victories are the largest destination and it is shared by the three major countries of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Spot fishing is done at lake victors is one of the shifts and it begins at 1:00 PM and then to 5:00 PM and then the 9; 00 am and 12; 00 pm and at this time the time is hot so you will need to have the overhead protection to us and thus you need other items such as the insect repellents and you need to engage to the fishing gear to have the best spots and areas and this is so much interesting.

Spot fishing at Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo national park is situated in the western part of Uganda in Kiruhura district and the park presents the best features for fishing activities. Besides fishing tours, Lake Mburo national park offers wonderful species and animals which include horse biking, mountain biking, game viewing safaris among other activities. You will need the spot fishing permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority in order to be allowed to do sport fishing in Lake Mburo National park. Here in Lake Mburo National park, Tilapia is the most caught fish species and visitors will just need the $5 for the safari trip

Sport fishing in Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is the most visited national park in Uganda well-known for its awesome waterfalls and ample natural world species inhabiting the forest, the park is located in Northwestern Uganda in the Masindi district. From Kampala to Murchison Falls, the distance is about 305 kilometers from Kampala and this is equivalent to about 5 to 6 hours’ drive and then get to the Murchison falls national park.  the park is known for the game viewing safaris and the boat cruise safaris however, other than these there’s additionally a possibility to participate in sport fishing which is the activity that is done throughout the year in Murchison falls national park the best time to do spot fishing is during January to April when the water levels are steady and stable for you to get to the fish species such as the Nile perch, Tilapia and Catfish. Having a hobby in sport fishing in Murchison falls, keep in mind to hold your great fishing device or tools so as to revel in the great fishing enjoy in Murchison falls countrywide park

The other place for sport fishing in Uganda is the Sipi falls which are found within eastern Uganda. Sipi falls is a wonderful destination f for visitors. Sport fishing has been identified as the major activity done at Sipi falls and it has become one of the dominant safari activities. The safari activity will be led by the local guide with a wonderful experience and still the visitors should come with their fishing gears and they will take you through the experience and history of the falls. The common species caught here include the Rainbow fish and then engage and do your safari visit which is good and interesting

Would like to get involved in sport fishing in the pearl of Africa? Here is the reason why

Uganda has increasingly received visitors who are interesting in taking part in sport fishing for some good years. Visitors have got the opportunity to indulge in sport fishing at various water bodies depending on your itinerary and any destination or any river or lake that you go for sport fishing in Uganda will be rewarding.  By organizing for you the best Uganda fishing tours, you will be able to fish and catch a variety of fish species including Nile perch, tilapia, catfish, and tiger fish, among several fish species. Our Uganda fishing tours will lead you to several places in Uganda where sport fishing is carried out

Visitors coming to Uganda for the Uganda fishing tours have an added advantage because most of the sport fishing places in Uganda are found in high wildlife concentrated areas such the Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, the Ssese islands, and other fishing areas that are outside the protected areas such the Lake Victoria among other wonderful destinations.  The whole involving in the sport fishing, you will be able to use the modernized equipment that doesn’t harm fish because this activity is the conservation and preservation led activity

Uganda fishing tours are mainly designed and meant for the tourist who comes to Uganda and decides to do the spot fishing for the leisure activities after or before they engage in the various activities and the locals around the park or the spot fishing areas always do help the visitors to do better the sport fishing activity which is so much interesting.

Best time for Uganda fishing Tours & Trips

The Uganda fishing Tours can be visited and organized throughout the year but the drier months are the best for you to organize and come for the sport fishing trips. Usually, December to march and June to the months of October is the best time for you to have the spot fishing trips in Uganda especially when the waters are stable and there are limited chances of climatic disturbance however at Africa adventure vacations we organize for you the day and this so much interesting.

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