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Uganda wildlife Safaris and Holiday Adventures

Uganda wildlife Safaris and Holiday Adventures

Uganda wildlife Safaris and Holiday Adventures

Looking for Uganda wildlife Safaris and Holiday Adventures? Uganda is indeed the pearl of Africa described with the unmatched landscapes supporting the varied biotic and abiotic features call them both living and anon living features.  Uganda’s wildlife in unquestionable with several national parks and game reserved which you can encounter while on the wildlife safari tours in Uganda.

The unique and unquestionable wildlife adventure safaris in Uganda is supported by the undistinguished climatic that has supported communities of species well interacted with each other in the ecological terms. This is attributed to Uganda being crossed or bisected by equator into northern and southern hemispheres. Additionally, Uganda features over 542 tribes and each tribe has got its unique culture and this has made Uganda to be an important destination for the cultural tours as you come and engage with various people and learn more from same as they learn from you

Over periods, Uganda has been described as the friendliest that one would ever wish to visit. The tourism industry in Uganda is rapidly growing since Uganda gained her independence from colonialists in 1962 and since then the number of the tourists to Uganda has been increasing year per year buying the safari tourist to Uganda

Uganda is landlocked country but this has not stopped the country from attracting several visitors both within East Africa and outside Africa.  The strength of the Uganda wildlife safaris lies in its possession of several national parks, several mountains, water-based resources such the rivers, lakes and all these contain the endangered wildlife species in terms of animals and plants and most importantly, the endangered mountain gorillas which is regarded as the best world’s tourism attraction. Uganda has got the highest population of the primate in the whole love the East Africa country which are staying in their natural habitats

Still while booking your wildlife safari and adventure tours in Uganda with Africa Adventure Vacations, you will be able to sport the big 5 animals of the African wildness that include the elephants, buffaloes, leopards, lions and the rhinos. Surprising to many visitors and the world, Uganda is the only destination where you can find the tree- climbing lions and these are located in Uganda second largest and visited National Park queen Elizabeth National park.

Where to go in Uganda for the wildlife safaris and adventure tours?

While deciding to take the Uganda wildlife safari and adventure tour in Uganda with Africa Adventure Vacations, you will be able to visit among others the following destinations in Uganda

Queen Elizabeth national Park. This key destination when it comes to tourist packages who wish to explore Uganda. Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the western part of Uganda and it was named after the current Queen of Elizabeth visited the park. It is known as the medley of wonders offering the big 4 animals including the buffaloes, elephants, lions, leopards. Other animals include the spotted hyenas, Nile crocodiles, hippopotamuses, and mongoose among others. Queen Elizabeth National Park also features over 612 species of birds and it is known for the tree-climbing lions and a boat cruise at Kazinga channel, the channel that has the highest concentration of hippopotamus in the whole world. You wildlife safari to Uganda can’t be complete without exploring the wildlife of queen Elizabeth National Park including the chimpanzee trekking

Our Uganda wildlife Safaris and Holiday Adventures safari will lead you to the Murchison Falls National park which is the most visited national park  in Uganda and it where the wildlife tour that will lead you to the big five animals of the African wildlife in Uganda.  The park is so wonderful divided by the River Nile forming the powerful falls in the world. The water fall is among the top destination and attraction s in Murchison falls National Park. The park feature wonderful and highest number of giraffes, and the you will be able to see the  a lot of the wildlife species including the giraffes, nile crocodiles, antelopes, lions, leopards, elephants and several   species of birds.  The Murchison falls Conservation Area also features the Budongo Forest which is known for having the best place for the chimpanzee trekking.

Additionally, our Uganda wildlife Safaris and Holiday Adventures safari will lead you to Kidepo Valley National Park found in the far northern Eastern of Uganda. The park is found within the remote area of Uganda and it receives little visitors however, because of the best accessibility the park is now easily accessible and Kidepo valley National Park is known as the best destination for wildlife safaris and at times it is compared to Serengeti or Masai Mara National reserve. Kidepo valley National Park has been ranked as the top national park by the CNN and the park is rich in several animals’ species including cheetahs, lions, spotted hyenas, leopard’s ostrich’s wild dogs baboons among other animals species.

Immortally, Our Uganda wildlife Safaris and Holiday Adventures safari will lead you southwestern Uganda to explore the most in important parks in Uganda and these include Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park and Mgahinga gorilla national Parks. These park shelter the endangered mountain gorillas and Uganda is the only destination in the whole world with the more than half of the remaining endangered mountain gorillas protected in these two national park.  We design the wildlife safaris and combine them with gorillas tracking safaris which are only done within these two national parks. Gorillas seeing is the major highlights for the Uganda safaris and adventure tours which is so interesting.

Our Uganda wildlife Safaris and Holiday Adventures safari will take you to Kibale forest national park, the home of thousands of chimpanzee and other primate in Uganda. Kibale Forest National Park has got over 13 species of primates but majorly the chimpanzee tracking safaris are mainly done in Kibale Forest National Park where the chimpanzee have been fully habituated to enable the chimpanzee tracking safaris.

Other areas that you will explore during Our Uganda wildlife Safaris and Holiday Adventures safari will include the Lake Mburo National Park, Mountain Ruwenzori National Park, Mountain Elgon National Park, Semuliki National Park,  Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, explore the deepest lake in Africa that is Lake Bunyonyi,  visit lake Victoria and the source of the river nile, explore Sipi falls among other destinations just book our safaris with us at Africa adventure vacations

When to go for Uganda wildlife Safaris and Holiday Adventures tours

For visitors who are interested in Our Uganda wildlife Safaris and Holiday Adventures safari are here by informed that these Uganda safari are open and can be conducted throughout the year however, it has been proven that these safaris becomes more joyful when they are done during the dry season in June to September and then December to February and it is good that visitors who are intending to move to Uganda during this time need to book their wildlife safaris in advance in order to have their gorilla permits or chimpanzee trekking permits so ready for them. The wet season is the best for the travelers who are interested in birding safaris.

3 Days wildlife and chimpanzee tracking safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is one of the shortest safari products in Uganda but experience rich. In case your there interested in exploring the Queen Elizabeth National Park but have limited time, you don’t need to hesitate to just come and book our 3 Days wildlife and chimpanzee tracking safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park. With this wonderful safari, you will be able to enjoy the chimpanzee trekking in Kalinzu forest close to Queen Elizabeth National Park and other safari activities including the Kazinga channel boat cruise and the wildlife sightings in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Queen Elizabeth National Park is found in the western Park of Uganda and it is known for the larger travelers that it receives throughout the year.  After Queen Elizabeth the second (II) visited the Park in 1962, the government decided to name it after her Name queen Elizabeth National Park.  The park is so diverse in terms of wildlife species and it is home to more than 95 mamma species as well as more than 612 species of birds that are inhabited in various vegetation types of the park. This 3 Days wildlife and chimpanzee-tracking safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park will lead you to this most and lovable national parks with animal species such as feelings of pride of lions, leopards, hyenas, waterbucks, bushbucks, buffaloes, and several herds of elephants. Queen Elizabeth National Park is known for tree-Climbing lions which are found in the Ishasha sector.

Detailed itinerary;

Day 1: Head to Queen Elizabeth National Park

An English speaking guide from Africa Adventure Vacations will pick you up from an agreed point (usually your hotel) at around 6am. The journey to the park takes about 6 hours but you will be treated to great views of the beautiful countryside. You will stop along the way to take photos at the equator. As you approach and leave Mbarara, get ready to see great physical landscapes, valleys and terrain that are dotted with tea plantations and grazing long horned Ankole cattle. Lunch will be in Mbarara town after which you will head to the park and lodge. In the evening hours, you will be taken to tour the Crater Lake Katwe and the salt mining activities therein. Dinner and overnight will be at either Mweya safari lodge (Luxury) or Bush Lodge (Budget) which is strategically built with good views of the Kazinga Channel.

Day 2: Game drive and Launch cruise at the Kazinga channel

You will wake up very early to take tea/coffee then go for the early morning game drive at the Mweya peninsular around the Kazinga Channel. The safari is for about 3 hour and you will follow different trails to spot Jackals, buffaloes, forest hogs, warthogs, the Uganda Kob, Elephants, lions and the elusive leopard. You will be taken back to the lodge to have late breakfast then relax or stay at the poolside as you wait for lunch. The two hour afternoon launch cruise at the Kazinga channel will give you opportunities to spot several bird (Kingfishers, pelicans etc) species, elephants, buffaloes, hippos, crocodile and other water animals. Dinner and overnight will be at either Mweya safari lodge (Luxury) or Bush Lodge (Budget).

Day 3: Chimpanzee tracking and Departure

You will wake up to heavy breakfast and then head for the Kyambura gorge. The underground forest in the Kyambura gorge is home to Chimpanzee, Baboons and many other primates. The forest also has many plant, tree and bird species. After visiting the Kyambura gorge, the guide will take you back for lunch as you also checkout from the lodge. You will then start the journey back to Kampala passing through Maramagambo forest to spot more mammals and primates. Expect to reach Kampala in the evening for your departure flight or to your hotel.