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Where to stay for gorilla tracking in Uganda

Where to stay for gorilla tracking in Uganda

Where to stay for gorilla tracking in Uganda

Where to stay for gorilla tracking in Uganda? Mountain gorillas in Uganda are sighted in only two destinations these include; Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. Both these national parks are located in the southwestern parts of Uganda and also offer the same experience. On your holiday, plan a tour and visit one of them, where you will enjoy one of the best memorable experiences in East Africa. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is surrounded by a lot of accommodation facilities which is good for you. In Uganda Bwindi forest is the best where mountain gorilla trekking is done, trust me it is a perfect adventure in Africa. On your holiday, plan a trip to Uganda and complete your dream with a wonderful experience as you spend your night in the best safari lodges that are comfortable and fitting to your budget in Bwindi. The lodges range from luxury, mid-range to budget. This gives a tourist chance to choose the type of accommodation depending on his/her interest. Gorilla trekking in Bwindi is done in four sectors and they have safari lodges and hotels.

Buhoma sector of northern parts of Bwindi forest is next to the Bwindi gorilla lodge, and it offers high-quality services to the tourists visiting the park plus beautiful views rain forest. Since it is found near the park offices also help you to reach the park headquarters in time for briefing on your day of tracking gorillas.

Buhoma Lodge is constructed in the northern parts of Bwindi forest, it is good ideal for luxurious guests. This lodge is constructed next to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. It offers high-quality services with good en suite bathrooms set in the hill with beautiful of the Bwindi forest from the verandas. Ten clean en suite cottages with flushing toilets, piping hot showers, solar lighting, and others. Therefore, on gorilla safari go and spend your night at Buhoma lodge to complete your trip without disturbance.

Still looking for where to stay for gorilla tracking in Uganda? Other safari lodges around the Buhoma sector of Bwindi forest are the Mahogany springs lodge is also among the most used lodges in Buhoma with clear views of Bwindi forest, Gorilla friends lodge is good for budget tourists and Buhoma community lodge,

Where to stay for gorilla tracking in the Ruhija sector Uganda.

Ruhijja sector is among the four Bwindi sectors, which are situated in the Eastern parts of the forest. With four habituated gorilla families which are already for tourism. This sector has several safari lodges where one can spend a night to complete his/ her trip. These are some of them as discussed briefly below;

Broadbill forest camp is positioned in the East near the Ruhija sector, it is best for budget travelers. Its tents are constructed on raised wooden floors with a grass thatched roof. The broadbill offers 4 tents which are self-contained with single, double and twin. It has a restaurant and a bar with all types of drinks which are all ready to serve. Besides gorilla trekking, other activities to do while staying here are bird watching, guided nature walks, mountain riding, you can visit the Batwa community.

Bakiga lodge

It is placed around the Ruhijja sector just a few minutes from the starting point for gorilla trekking. Bakiga Lodge is for luxurious tourists looking for an adventure experience with beautiful views of the Bwindi forest. It offers 6 family cabins and two twin tents and they are all self-contained with en-suite bathrooms. The lodge is surrounded by Wi-Fi internet, also has flush toilets, showers, solar, and others. In the evening, after gorilla trekking relaxes at the bar which is stocked with all types of drinks, and enjoy the breathtaking views from the lodge. other tourist activities to do while staying at Bakiga lodge are bird watching, guided nature walks, forest walks, participating in craft-making dancing, signing with The Batwa people.

Agandi Eco lodge.

This lodge is placed near the Ruhijja sector which takes just a few minutes from the starting point. It is informed of Ugandan-style accommodation which is constructed with local materials and art. It has nice and lovely staff members who are all ready to make your stay memorable. They offer WiFi, 2 self-contained units with a shower and toilets, a dining room, 1 campfire place for listening to music, listening, and discussing in the evening after gorilla trekking. Other activities to do after gorilla trekking are bird watching, visiting the Batwa community, guided nature walks, and so on.

Where to stay for gorilla tracking in Rushaga and Nkurungo sectors Uganda.

Rushaga and Nkuring sectors are situated in the southern parts of the Bwindi forest. The high number of mountain gorillas in the Rushaga sector has influenced the construction of many safari lodges and hotels where one can go and spend a night. These are some of the accommodation facilities in the southern region of Bwindi as briefly discussed below;

Nkuringo Bwindi gorilla lodge

Nkuringo Bwindi gorilla lodge is among the most used accommodation facilities by the tourists of Bwindi forest. It provides high-quality services to their visitors like professional and friendly staff members, it was constructed with 1 family villa, 2 superior cottages, 3 villas, and 8 garden cottages while using local materials and all of them has en-suite bathrooms, a sitting area, and a private veranda which is good for relaxing. It offers free Wi-Fi, security, a craft shop, restaurant with a bar that is well stocked with various drinks. Other activities to do apart from gorilla trekking are bird watching, guided nature walks, visiting the Batwa people, and others.

Clouds mountain gorilla lodge

This is also the best place for gorilla trekking travelers who are seeking a safari lodge near Bwindi forest. The luxury cloud mountain gorilla lodge was made of local volcanic stone. There are five double cottages at this lodge with private bedrooms, a large sitting room with sided fireplace, hand-woven carpet, private verandah and also offers beautiful views of Virunga national park.

Rushaga Gorilla havens lodge

Rushaga Gorilla havens lodge, is good for travelers seeking for mid-range lodge next to the Rushaga gorilla tracking sector. Also, those who want to do gorilla trekking connect from Kigali-Rwanda. Africa Adventure Vacations is available to organize for you Bwindi gorilla trekking from Kigali-Rwanda. Rushaga Gorilla havens lodge provides high-quality service through the well-trained staff, comfortable accommodation facilities, a restaurant with both local and international dishes, bar which is well stocked. This lodge is surrounded with a lot of things to see and do, beautiful views of Bwindi forest and the views of Kigezi hills Virunga Volcanoes. Besides gorilla trekking, you can do forest walks, visit the Batwa community, bird watching, and among others.

Rushaga gorilla camp

Rushaga gorilla camp Bwindi forest, this lodge serves guests looking for the best place to stay in the Nkuringo sector or Rushaga sector. It is a mid-range lodge and offers all accommodation facilities in order to make your holiday excellent. It also provides self-contained bandas, family bandas, secure parking, self-contained luxury tents which are good for mid-range tourists. Activities one can do while staying here are Bird watching, Gorilla trekking, visiting Batwa people, forest walks in Bwindi forest, visiting Lake Bunyonyi for dug-out canoeing, visiting Lake Mutanda , you can go to Mgahinga national park for golden monkey tracking.

Ichumbi gorilla lodge

Is one of the most used lodges in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park that will make your dream true while trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda. It serves both luxury and mid-range tourists who seeking where to stay in Nkuringo sector and the Rushaga sector where to find the high number of habituated gorillas of Bwindi forest. It has 9 self-contained cottages which are well furnished in African style with the floor and balconies where you can enjoy the environment and relax while watching a lot of birds. It offers a restaurant with both international and local dishes, a bar with soft drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks which you can take to the balcony in the evening after gorilla trekking. Other activities to do after gorilla trekking are the Batwa experience, bird watching, forest walks, and gorilla habituation experience.

Where to stay for gorilla tracking in Mgahinga gorilla national park Uganda.

Mount Gahinga Lodge is the most used safari lodge for gorilla trekkers in Mgahinga national park. It is a luxury lodge that offers high-quality facilities. The lodge is constructed near the main entrances to Mgahinga national park which is the starting point for mountain gorillas and golden monkey tracking. Mount Gahinga lodge also provides other tourist activities which you can combine with gorilla trekking, and these include; visiting the Batwa community, mountain climbing, guided nature walks.

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