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Why is it important to hire a porter for mountain gorilla trekking?

Why is it important to hire a porter for mountain gorilla trekking?

Why is it important to hire a porter for mountain gorilla trekking?

Why is it important to hire a porter for mountain gorilla trekking? Hiking the big forests where the mountain gorillas are found is not easy whereby sometimes it requires a certain level of fitness. After booking a gorilla permit for visiting mountain gorillas, the next step is to start arranging things such as gear for gorilla trekking, passports, and so on. Another important thing to think of is hiring a porter mostly those with heavy luggage and even tourists who are not physically fit yet it is very useful to this activity.  To enjoy the gorilla trekking experience, it needs you to have a certain level of fitness and when you prepared enough.

Reasons why you should hire a porter on a mountain gorilla trekking safari.

Hiring porters are very important because these people are very expert in trekking mountain gorillas, all the tracking trials in the forests also make you feel comfortable and safe while searching these primates in big forests. Tipping porters help them improve their standards of living since they are not paid like park workers.

Another reason why it is truly a tourist to hire a porter is that porters are also among the people who make your gorilla trekking an amazing experience in your entire lifetime. You will also participate in supporting local members since porters are the peoples who stay in the gorilla destinations. Tipping them also helps to embrace gorilla conservation and tourism in the place. Some of the porters in past were poachers but when gorilla tourism started, they have now realized the value in gorillas as well as wildlife conservation in the society as well as engaging in protecting gorillas safe and their natural habitats.

Porters help to carry your equipment such as camera gadgets, water, your packed lunch, snacks as well as support through the challenging trails mostly when are muddy and slippery while looking at mountain gorilla families in their natural habitats. A porter service goes at $15 but you can also tip him/her at the end of the activity on your choice. Porters are always available at the park offices depending on the gorilla destination you wish to trek mountain gorillas.

The natural habitats where one can go for mountain gorilla trekking are Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park and they both positioned in the southwestern parts of the country, Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the amazing Volcanoes national park in the northwestern regions of Rwanda. In the wild, the remaining mountain gorillas are over 1080 and they are only sighted in only gorilla destinations not elsewhere.

A trip to visit these unique giant gentles is an exciting wildlife experience that you will never forget in your entire lifetime. Mountain gorillas as their name apply, usually, live in mountainous areas which stand at an altitude between 2200 and 4300 meters, this means a certain level of fitness is needed so that you complete this activity. Therefore, preparing for gorilla trekking mostly through physical exercises helps to get used to the terrains and landscape you will find on your trip. After booking your gorilla permit and preparing for the trip, be aware of the big rain forests and sometimes muddy plus steep slope areas where the treks will take you through.  A trek can take like 2-6 hours but in most cases, this depends on the speed of trekkers and the allocation of a gorilla family. When you are coming for gorilla trekking make sure that you improve on your fitness through making exercises like jumping, stretches, walking, jogging, and so on in order to make yourself familiar with high altitudes where the gorillas are found and at the end of the day, you won’t have challenges in the difficult hikes.

What is the price of gorilla permits?

To visit mountain gorillas in their natural habitats, you must have a valid gorilla permit. A permit for mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda goes at $700 for foreign non-residents per person in that very trek, $600 for foreign residents, and 250,000 Ugandan shillings for East African citizens. One for Rwanda costs $1500 per person per trek for all who are interested in visiting its mountain gorillas while the Democratic Republic of Congo is the one with cheaper gorilla permit which is sold at $450 for all travelers.  You are advised to book your gorilla permit in advance like 3 months before the traveling dates

In conclusion, hiring a porter while trekking mountain gorillas is among the important things which make your gorilla safari excellent in Africa the truth is this trip takes you through the strenuous landscape and dense forest. you will be provided a walking stick from either your reserved lodge or at the starting point for mountain gorilla trekking.


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