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Why visiting the mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda is so expensive?

Why visiting the mountain of Rwanda and Uganda is so expensive

Why visiting the mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda is so expensive?

Why visiting the mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda is so expensive? Are you planning to go to the natural habitat for mountain gorillas of Uganda or Rwanda and asking yourself why gorilla trekking is so expensive, this article will give different reasons why this experience is expensive? Do not fear to complete your dream of gorilla trekking in either Uganda or Rwanda because of the cost of the gorilla permits and the overall safari costs. For instance, a single permit in Rwanda goes at $1500 per person per trek, while in Uganda is sold at $700 per person per trek.

The high-cost gorilla permits make gorilla tours expensive than other wildlife safaris. Africa receives many tourists to see and spend more time with Mountain gorillas yet others continue postponing their gorilla tour for the nearing future due to the gorilla permit fees though they can make it possible in the whole year regardless of the season.

A gorilla trekking permit fee of Rwanda remains the same for both citizens and non-citizens while in Uganda, a gorilla permit for foreign nonresidents goes at $700 per person per trek, for foreign residents are $600 and 250,000 Ugandan shillings for East African citizens.

The following are some of the reasons why visiting the mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda is so expensive

Safety and Easy monitoring.

Mountain gorillas are also known as endangered species, monitoring them every day is one of the major ways to ensure their safety so if many people are allowed to visit their natural habitats, it can affect the process. Another thing the money collected from gorilla selling permits are used to pay the park rangers, armed rangers, tourism police who monitor the safety of mountain gorillas like tracking their health status, movements and feeding as well as keeping mountain gorillas safe from poachers, pet trader and rebel groups who were used to hide in their habitats in the past.

Conserving and offering sustainable gorilla tourism.

There was a great loss of many mountain gorillas in the 1980s because of the human encroachment on the homes of these primates and poaching, this has forced the authorities to put a gorilla permit high in Uganda and Rwanda so that to increase revenue which can be to protect both mountain gorillas and their natural habitats as well as improving in the development of tourism industries.

Mountain gorillas are susceptible to human diseases.

This is also among the reasons that the mountain gorillas have the same DNA as humans which makes them susceptible to being infected by human diseases. So, this is the reason why authorities have put a gorilla permit high to limit some tourists from visiting them so that they stay safe as well as protect their natural habitats.

Endangered primates.

One of the reasons why visiting mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda is expensive is that these primates are known as endangered animals so this is why the authorities have increased the price permit to reduce their interaction with over crowed people. there are only 1090 mountain gorillas that remained in all habitats on earth according to the recent statistics of 2018. This is the reason why the price for a gorilla permit is high to reduce the number of tourists and keep these unique primates safe from the crowds.

Improving the live hood of the local people.

Gorilla tourism is among the source for local people staying on the edges of gorilla trekking destinations. The money collected from selling gorilla permits, the governments share some with communities to improve their standards of living. For instance, in Uganda, local members are given 20% of the money collected from a gorilla permit while in Rwanda they give them 10%. Sharing with these communities has helped to show the importance of mountain gorillas in the wild.

How to behave after finding mountain gorillas.

These primates are the shiest and calm among other apes that stay peaceful even in the presence of humans. You’re always advised not to disturb mountain gorillas in any way. Tourists are also advised to keep 7 meters from the mountain gorillas, this helps them to stay comfortable in the presence of intruders, you’re not allowed to feed and touch them so that to avoid the spread of diseases. Always keep your voice low, you are also advised to stay in your group while trekking to avoid any danger.

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