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Wild Gorilla Adventure Safaris in Africa

Wild Gorilla Adventure Safaris in Africa

Wild Gorilla Adventure Safaris in Africa

Looking for wild gorilla adventure safaris in Africa? Most people have a dream of visiting Africa during their holiday or vacation, for wild gorilla adventure safaris in their natural habitats. Africa is still remote and you can even see implausible stars, sunsets, and sunrises. This is what attracts tourists who are trying to look out for when looking out for adventure vacations.

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When people plan to visit African mountain gorillas, there are common questions they ask themselves or their tour operators, and some of them are the following, as explained briefly below.

How much can I pay for a wild gorilla adventure safari in Africa?

Bank transfer.

After confirming your gorilla tour in Africa with any local tour company you choose, they will send you their bank details plus the country’s swift code and take it to your bank for transferring the money. It takes about 3-30 days, but this depends on where the money is coming from and going. This is too common in countries where there is insecurity.

Credit card payments

Your local tour operator will give you a secure payment link which you will use, and you may need your credit card information to make the payments, though using a credit card may be taxed as imposed by the service providers.

Cash Payments

In most cases, local agencies can accept payments of 50% so that you can pre-book your gorilla permits, then you bring the balance in cash on arrival dates and get a receipt.

Requirements for a Visa card for gorilla trekking in Africa.

Anyone who is planning to visit Africa must have a valid passport for not less than 30 days after the end of their planned tour. But this depends on any region of Africa you wish to tour. It is very important to ask before traveling because some countries need an advanced application while others can be issued on the travel dates.

Should I need to be vaccinated to visit the mountain gorillas of Uganda?

Yes, it is true that any tourist who is planning to visit Africa for any reason must have a yellow fever card, and this document is presented on arrival day at the airport. Other precaution vaccinations are polio, hepatitis B, typhoid, measles, diphtheria, rabies, tetanus and mumps.

Note: Due to the COVID pandemic in the whole world, anyone who is planning to visit the mountain gorillas in Africa has to show him/her a negative PCR certificate taken 72 hours ago. Therefore, to enter African regions, you must be free from the coronavirus.

Getting to gorilla destinations in Africa.

By Air

Most African countries organize domestic flights from anywhere in the world to the designated airstrips next to the gorilla tracking natural habitats, or you can contact your local travel operators for more details about scheduled and charter flights.

By road.

A 4-wheel Toyota land cruiser is the most recommended vehicle due to the nature of gorilla destination roads.  In addition, the road is the most popular means of transfer to reach the gorilla national parks in Africa.

Is it safe to visit the mountain gorillas in Africa?

Wild gorilla adventure safaris is the key attraction that attracts most tourists in Africa. This has forced authorities to improve safety and security for travelers who are interested in visiting the mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park, Mgahinga national park in Uganda, and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Gorilla trekkers in Bwindi Forest are accompanied by Uganda Tourism police plus the armed rangers to ensure the safety and security of visitors while trekking and enjoying their natural habitat.

What is the age limit for visiting the mountain gorillas of Africa?

Now how do you start this vacation when you are in Botswana? Please take note of these ones:

Only tourists above 15 years of age are allowed to do gorilla trekking. This is because people under 15 years are still younger and may fail to follow the instructions of the ranger. Though most are physically fit, they may fail to complete the hike since it takes long hours in the dense forest and unused environment.

How to book a gorilla trekking tour in Africa?

You can use a tour company that will help you prepare for your wild gorilla adventure safaris in Africa. There are numerous ways you can use to book your wild gorilla adventure safaris in Africa, which include: using a tour operator from anywhere you are, using a tour operator from Africa, or doing it by yourself.

Through your local tour operators.

Nowadays, things have changed, so one can book a gorilla tour from anywhere. You can use your local tour operators or get together with any African tour operator. They will process all your books, including permits, transport, and accommodation. An African tour operator will check for the availability of permits depending on the day you wish to travel, and when they find the permits available, they will send payment slips so that you can send the money for booking gorilla trekking permits.

Through a local tour agency

Or you can use the internet because there are many websites for different local agencies and you can choose one you want, but you have to be careful that they are professional and trustworthy to deal with them. Booking with a local tour operator is too expensive. To choose the best tour operator, you check if the company is licensed by the Uganda tourism board or it is registered by the Association of Uganda tour operators.

Personal arrangement.

Here, tourists can book directly with the gorilla national parks or their services directly. However, it is not recommended to book by yourself because there may be many frauds in some African gorilla destinations.

What to expect while tracking mountain gorillas in Africa.

Animal attacks

Gorilla tracking destinations are also home to other wildlife animals apart from the endangered mountain gorillas, and these include forest elephants, wild chimpanzees, wild buffaloes, monkeys, and others.

It rained.

African weather is unpredictable and all gorilla destinations are found in the tropical rain forest, so we expect rain at any time of the day, even in the dry season months. This does not stop you from completing your dream of visiting African mountain gorillas. However, you have to know that hiking trails can be too muddy and slippery in the rainy season.

Slippery terrain

Tourists who are planning to visit African mountain gorillas during the rainy season should expect to pass through trails that are slippery and muddy, and this may make trekking difficult. We advise you to carry hiking boots, a waterproof rain jacket, and long-sleeved clothes. This can help you to complete your trek.

Unexpected gorilla movements.

When the gorillas are fighting together, they normally go deep into the African forest, and this can make your gorilla trek harder as you have to move for long hours searching for them.

Higher elevation.

Gorilla trekking needs certain levels of fitness because some mountain gorillas are staying in higher elevations, which stand at about 2600-3000m above sea level, like in Rwanda and Uganda, so come when you expect this.

Long drives.

Mountain gorillas are always moving from one place to another, and it needs you to walk for a long distance where the gorilla families are found to avoid long hikes over the mountains.

On gorilla trekking day, I joined a group of other travelers.

Tourists can obtain all the gorilla permits in a particular gorilla family and trek mountain gorillas as a private group or you can join other tourists in a small group of 8 people since each gorilla

All African gorilla destinations are trekked by 8 people.

Other tourist things to do in Africa after wild gorilla adventure safaris include;

Chimpanzee tracking

Africa also has several destinations for chimpanzee tracking where one can go and see these unique animals are Nyungwe forest national park in Rwanda and Kibale forest national park in Uganda. You can do this after making your dream true of seeing gorillas.

Wildlife viewing

Africa is the number one continent on earth for wildlife viewing safaris. These are some of the popular destinations in Africa for wildlife tours, which include the Okavango delta in Botswana, the Serengeti and Ngoro crater in Tanzania, the Masai Mara in Kenya, Etosha national park in Namibia, and among others.

Mountain hikes.

You can do mountain climbing and the popular hiking areas are the Rwenzori mountains, which stand at an altitude of 5109m above sea level, or you can hike Mount Nyiragongo in Congo.

Vacation at the beach

After visiting mountain gorillas in their natural habitats, spare a few days and go for a white sand experience with specious messages in Zanzibar, Seychelles, Mombasa, and Madagascar. One can choose one destination among them and enjoy an amazing experience that you will never forget in your lifetime.

Fishing trips

Africa is surrounded by various water bodies where one can go for sport fishing, such as Lake Victoria in Uganda, the River Nile in Murchison Falls, Uganda, which is known as the largest freshwater with the Nile perch, which can weigh up to 200 pounds, Lake Nasser in Egypt,

Boat trip

Africa is also a good place for boat trips as well as viewing wildlife, sunset cruises, sunrises, and canoeing. Some of the African destinations are the Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, the Nile River in Uganda’s Murchison Falls national park, and the Okavango delta in Botswana. You can choose one and enjoy wildlife viewing.

Cultural visits

After gorilla trekking, you can spend some time and visit some regions where you will enjoy cultural experiences. These regions include Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Botswana, Namibia, and others. You can also contact Africa Adventure Vacations for more information.

Birders who are looking for the best places for bird watching will find it in Africa. You will see unique bird species like the endangered shoebill stork, African green broadbill, green-breasted pitta, Shelley’s crimson, and so on. On your gorilla trekking you can add this.

Walking safaris

A walking safari in the regions of Africa is an unforgettable experience. While on foot, you will view different wildlife, including mountain gorillas. Others include chimpanzees, forest elephants, smaller primates, and others.

City tours.

Many African regions have amazing historical sites and museums, and they are usually located in the main capital city. Visit them and get a chance to explore more about them.

During your vacation, visit one of the African gorilla destinations and get a great opportunity to see the few remaining mountain gorillas in the wild. You can even do city tours, walking safaris, watch birds, wildlife viewing, and others, and they all offer unforgettable experiences in your entire life. For more information, please get in touch with Africa Adventure Vacations.

Reasons for booking with Africa Adventure Vacations.

Traveling to a new place is so exciting and it is one of the greatest experiences one can ever encounter. You get a chance to encounter the food, culture, and natural resources of the area. Africa Adventure Vacations is the best tour operator that can help you experience all the amazing cultures in Africa plus the authentic wildlife. Africa Adventure Vacations can help you to save money and restless nights trying to look for where to go. We are experienced, well-informed, and passionate about what we do. Africa Adventure Vacations is locally raised and has got a business license. We are quick to respond to any kind of question from our clients. We have got the best tour packages and pricing. Our company can afford the group size that you would like to come along with.