1-day trip to Langata village in Nairobi-Bomas of Kenya

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1-day trip to Langata village in Nairobi-Bomas of Kenya

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This is a culturally explorative experience amidst Nairobi City. This 1-day trip to Langata village in Nairobi-Bomas of Kenya will lead you to the traditional homesteads in Nairobi, Kenya, which are known as the Bomas. These homesteads display various cultures and traditional performances that depict the various tribes found within Kenya. This Bomas is recognized by the government and was introduced in 1871 as the branch of the Kenyan Tourist Development Corporation to diversify the tourist products in Kenya and also as a way to observe the different cultures of Kenya that are showcased by several individual groups.

You need to know that Kenya is a wonderful destination for several cultures. However, due to increasing modernity, the cultural heritage and traditions are under threat. And thus, to ensure that the culture is well preserved and protected, the Kenyan Bomas have put in place some strategies, including traditional performances that depict the culture of all the forty-two tribes that are found within Kenya. The Bomas are found just ten kilometers from Nairobi city and are composed of various homesteads displaying various cultures, such as the songs and performances, which are all performed on traditional instruments.

While visiting the bomas during your 1-day trip to Langata village in Nairobi, At this cultural center, you will be treated to a wonderful traditional song and dance extravaganza. The most exciting part is seeing traditional dances, music, and songs performed in a beautiful setting. Traditional foods might be presented as an afterthought.

The Traditional Dances at Kenya’s Bomas take the fashion of the wealthy and the rich in traditional dances, villages, and handicrafts on show in Kenya’s Bomas. Come tour a variety of homesteads that symbolize Kenya’s many cultures and have been accurately recreated for visitors to experience traditional village life. You shouldn’t miss it. The highlight of the afternoon, though, is a visit to a demonstration of traditional dance music and folklore songs presented in a magnificent arena and setting.

Where is Bomas of Kenya located?

Driving ten kilometers away from Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, the Bomas are easily accessible for visitors staying at major hotels and the conference centers that are found within Nairobi. The Bomas are close to the Nairobi National Park and major Kenyan airports such as the Wilson International Airport and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

There are a lot of facilities at the Bomas in Kenya, Nairobi, and these facilities have made it possible for the visitors to enjoy this wonderful destination even better. The facilities are large enough and can accommodate more than 2000 visitors at a time. Some of the facilities include the auditorium, which is an African model after that comfortably seats more than 2500 guests.

This facility has got space with a stunning state of art, the lighting system is well installed, and it also has a wooden floor that features and is interesting for the ball event facilities. The stage has some sections that are raised to facilitate the VIP functions. The Bomas auditorium is equipped with a public address system with recorded voices for all the function proceedings.

Bomas has an executive lounge and three meeting rooms that may be used for AGMs, exhibitions, end-of-year festivities, wedding receptions, formal government buildings, and award ceremonies for both local and international events, as well as conferencing.

It also features rooms such as the Simba Room, which is found at the Utamaduni Restaurant and can accommodate more than 70 guests who turn up for seminars, exhibitions, and workshops. Another room here is the Ndovu room, which also provides good avenues for meetings, workshops, conferences, social gatherings, and parties.

You will also find dining options at the bomas of Kenya, and this serves as the best and most wonderful safari for delicious and palatable meals, either international or local.

The other services offered at the Bomas Kenya include Kenyan traditional dances and music from the country’s 42 tribes. Traditional villages, an acrobatic team, and a children’s amusement park are among the other attractions. Outdoor football, volleyball, tag of war, indoor volleyball, badminton, table tennis, scrabble, and darts are some of the sports available. This is a fantastic location for filmmaking. The car park is safe and spacious, with a capacity of up to 3,000 automobiles. Nature path trips, camping spots, picnic areas, and cycling routes are all in the works.

Visitors looking for 1-day trip to Langata village in Nairobi-Bomas of Kenya, can extend their tour to destinations like Nairobi Giraffe Center for another exciting adventure experience.


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